WWE News: Brock Lesnar's Next Title Defense, Details on His Future With WWE/UFC

-- Brock Lesnar's next Universal title defense is currently scheduled for the 8/19 SummerSlam PPV, where he is expected to tentatively headline. However, this is not locked in stone but could depend on whether Lesnar declares himself eligible to return to UFC by being put back in the USADA drug testing pool by June 30. If he does by that date, it would enable him to work the UFC show on New Year's weekend, but if he doesn't go back into the pool, it is very likely he will be staying with WWE.

-- Either way, with both UFC and WWE ready to sign very rich deals, the timing of Lesnar once again being a free agent later this year is impeccable as he is not only still the WWE's Universal champion, but he has a great ability to successfully play one side against the other. Bottom line, Lesnar is likely in for a massive pay day on his next contract with whichever company he goes with.

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