Velveteen Dream Responds To John Cena's Comments: "Whenever He Wants, The Dream Is Here!"

As noted, John Cena took part in a Q&A at a recent MegaCon appearance and claimed that if he were to have a match on a NXT card, he would want to square off against The Velveteen Dream, noting he has a feeling about him.

"I have been around the superstars of Raw and SmackDown for a long time," Cena said. "I recently visited the Performance Center and spoke with the NXT Superstars for around six hours answering questions in a forum such as this. I was so inspired by how hard they work and how hungry they are that it made me want to perform with them, so I hope to one day perform on an NXT show."

Cena was then asked if he could have a match against Adam Cole, Ricochet or The Velveteen Dream from the NXT roster, he claimed that The Velveteen Dream is the one.

"My answer is going to upset some people but I would rather face Velveteen Dream," Cena said. "You know in those Star Wars movies with the Jedi and he says something like, 'I think that is the One.' I got that odd, mental and great feeling about Velveteen Dream."

The Velveteen Dream ended up taking to Twitter after hearing about the comments to respond to them, noting that whenever Cena wants to make the move, he is waiting for him inside the NXT squared circle.

"Whenever he wants, The DREAM is here," wrote The Velveteen Dream via Twiter. "The DREAM is here!"