*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results From Windsor, Ontario, Canada (6/1)

This weekend, Impact Wrestling traveled to the St. Clair College venue in Windsor, Ontario, Canada to tape material for future episodes of Impact Wrestling on Pop TV.

Featured below, courtesy of Himanshu D and ProWrestling.net are complete results from the taping.

Impact Wrestling TV Taping
Windsor, Ontario at St. Clair College

* DJZ and Andrew Everett defeated Desi Hit Squad. Gama Singh came in and cut a pre-match promo about India being number one in everything. Desi Hit Squad came out and had their match vs. Z&E. He distracted the ref after Everett hit his big moonsault and got the rollup win

* Rich Swann beat Trevor Lee. Great match

* D’Angelo Williams was interviewed. He was interrupted by Austin Aries and got beat with a chair

* Eli Drake beat Grado

* Eddie Edwards interrupted a match between Xavier and Everett before it even started with a kendo stick and cut a promo on Tommy Dreamer

* A Madison Rayne promo was interrupted by Tessa Blanchard. Su Yung’s screams hit and Tessa knocked Rayne out with a surprise hook

* Madison Rayne beat Tessa Blanchard. Rayne won and Tessa got a post match beat down

* Madison Rayne and Allie beat Su Yung and a bridesmaid. Tessa ran in while the ref was knocked and beat down Rayne, but Allie fought her off. Rayne and Allie got the win over the bridesmaid

* Sami Callahan and OVE also beat the piss out of Sam Osborne. They put Pentagon Jr.’s mask on him and beat him bad. It turned a match into something of a promo

* Austin Aries vs. Aiden Prince was a good match. They fought after and Prince sent the fans home happy

* Kongo Kong and Matt Sydal beat two locals (likely taped for Xplosion)

* Dezmond Xavier beat Phil Atlas (possible Xplosion match)