Taz Reveals Who He Thinks Should Be NXT Champion, Points Out Aleister Black's Weakness

During a recent episode of The Taz Show podcast, former ECW Original and WWE / Impact Wrestling announcer Taz spoke about the title picture in NXT.

As "The Human Suplex Machine" explained on his show, Aleister Black has the look and feel of a NXT Champion as the reigning title-holder for the brand, but lacks something when it comes to his promo ability.

"His promo work needs some work, in my opinion," said Taz. "The only reason why I say it needs some work is because he's got a very awesome look. His physique, all the ink he has, his facial hair, his hair on his head, the way his face looks, the way he moves in the ring. His athleticism in the ring, his body of work as a pro wrestler, all the years he's got in the business. The martial arts feel he has to his work and his kicks and his strikes, and all this jazz. It's all an awesome potpourri of a very unique talent, hence his success in NXT, and I do think once he's on the main roster, he will be a big, big star, and I really believe that. He should be."

Taz continued, "The thing is, just me being blunt, his promo work loses me a little bit. It loses the darkness. He's gotta certain darkness about him, right? You get that when you see him, a certain darkness. I'm not saying he shouldn't talk, but I think he needs a little guidance on his talking. His vocabulary is great, very intelligent, he doesn't have like a heavy duty accent or anything like that. But to me, it loses the darkness."

As the show went on, Taz then shifted gears to reveal why he thinks Ethan Carter III (EC3) should be the reigning champion of the NXT brand.

"It's almost like a Bobby Roode feel, but different," said Taz. "Like that type of feel, but as a heel. He's veteran enough, he knows what he's doing enough that he feels like a champ. He can cut a helluva promo. I think that's who eventually has got to be the NXT Champion, in my opinion."

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