Triple H Talks About NXT Possibly Leaving The WWE Network

During a recent media call to promote the launch of the WWE Performance Center website,, WWE executive Paul "Triple H" Levesque spoke about the possibility of NXT leaving the WWE Network.

"As far as where NXT ends up, as that brand continues to grow, never say never, I guess," said Triple H during the call. "For the value of the Network, NXT is a valuable part of the WWE Network. Where it ends up, I don't know."

"The Game" continued, pointing out how ultimately that kind of move would be a decision that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon would have to make.

"Obviously, that's a decision that Vince [McMahon] will make and the team here will make strategically as to where everything sits, just as we do everything else in our ecosystem as far as where we put content," HHH added. "It's a constantly challenging question for us. Good problem to have, right?"