Roman Reigns Comments On WWE Superstars Not Having An Offseason

Roman Reigns spoke as a group of panelists who were interviewed by Stephanie McMahon at the WWE For Your Consideration (FYC) Emmy event in North Hollywood, California this week.

During the event, Reigns spoke with Stephanie about WWE Superstars not having an offseason, and how they are continuing to expand WWE's global reach.

"We don't have an offseason. This is a weekly thing for us. 52 weeks a year," said Reigns. "And it is grueling, and it is tough, and it's not meant for everybody. But, when you achieve that goal, when you create those goosebumps... those are real, and regardless of what size crowd you've been in front of, or what was the best match, you still get them in the craziest moments, and those are the moments that make you feel truly alive."

Reigns continued, "And when you see that effect that you have on that lady over there, or the man with his son, you know you're creating those moments that you're gonna be a part of for the rest of their life. And I think that's why our fanbase is so strong, and that's why it's global because we've been able to share that connection with so many people."