Details on Ticket Sales for WWE U.K. Tournament Performing Poorly

-- Ticket sales for the upcoming UK shows on 6/18 and 6/19 are doing extremely poor. The main reasons for it are ticket prices and scheduling.

-- Prices for the very cheapest seats are reportedly costing 60 pounds (approximately $80) and this is a price that the WWE audience doesn't want to pay, especially when interest level for shows with UK exclusive wrestlers isn't that high to begin with.

-- The dates for the show are also a likely reason for the poor ticket sales as the 6/18 show goes head to head with England in the World Cup of Soccer, which is a colossal booking mistake. WWE added Shawn Michaels in an appearance to the 6/18 show in an effort to help sales and they also upgraded fans in the sixth row to front row at no extra cost.

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