NXT Live Event Results (6/14): Louisville, Kentucky

As noted, WWE ran the Broadbent Arena in Louisville, Kentucky this week for a non-televised house show on Thursday evening.

Featured below, courtesy of Rajah.com reader Jay Evans, are results from the show.


* War Raiders over TM61 - who kicked up the heel work a lot more.

* EC3 over Fabian Aicher.

* Kairi Sane and Candice over Vanessa Bourne and Aliyah. Sane with the elbow.

* Adam Cole over Raul Mendoza - match of the night. Lot of cool heel work against the crowd from Cole, even though they loved him.

* Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong over Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. Good long match with a lot of near falls.

* Velveteen Dream gave a promo saying he was going to make dreams come true - but crowd would have to wait 20 minutes - intermission time.

* Velveteen dream over Kassius Ohno. Ended with Ricochet doing a promo in the ring against Dream. Dared him to do a flip out of the ring. Dream acted like he would, Ricochet slid into the ring and interrupted. Had a lot of welcome home chants.

* Baszler over Nikki Cross. Cross had the most offense, but was put to sleep.

* Aliester black over Lars Sullivan in the main event.