The Rock & Shane "Hurricane" Helms Reminisce About Working Together In WWE

Former WWE Superstars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Shane "Hurricane" Helms recently had a pleasant exchange on social media.

The Hurricane wrote the following on his official Instagram page this week regarding working with The Rock in WWE in the past:

"Forever grateful to The Rock for being such a cool ass dude to work with," wrote Helms. "We had a blast doing these backstage segments. The only difficult part was to not go too long. We coulda kept the shenanigans up for hours."

The Rock, always one to give props to current and past WWE performers, big or small level stars, despite his A-list level of Hollywood fame, responded back to The Hurricane with the following tweet:

"Dude always a pleasure working with you," wrote The Rock. "Never an ego and always down to do whatever it took to entertain the fans. And to be honest, I only did “the job and put you over” because you paid me in hamburgers."

Check out Shane Helms and The Rock's posts below.