Adam Cole Talks About Changing His Style, The Young Bucks Winning IWGP Heavyweight Titles

As noted, NXT North American Champion Adam Cole spoke with the So Catch by Hal YouTube channel during the recent NXT European tour. Featured below are some additional highlights from the interview.

On the evolution of his style and why it's necessary to change things up and protect himself at the same time: "When I was first started when I was eighteen I wrestled for a company that had a very hardcore fanbase and demanded a lot from its wrestlers. So every single match I would do every move possible. I would land on the concrete floor, I would land really high on my head just to try to impress the fans.

"You realize as time goes on there is a certain expectation now in 2018 where fans want to see cool, exciting, hard-hitting sports entertainment or hard-hitting pro wrestling and there are ways to give them that without necessarily putting yourself in the hospital that night or not being able to move the next morning. So again, that really comes with time and how I feel now about moves and things that I do, that may change five years from now. It may change a year from now. Maybe I'll add some things, maybe I'll take some things away but that's kinda what keeps a performer fresh at the same time. You're always kinda evolving and changing your style while at the same time hopefully, protecting your body the best that you can."

On whether or not he saw the NJPW Dominion show where The Young Bucks became the IWGP Heavyweight Tag-Team Champions: "Yeah, that's amazing to me. Gosh back then it was such a foreign idea that they were going to be wrestling as heavyweights in New Japan so not only the fact they're wrestling as heavyweights now but they're IWGP Tag Team Champions is pretty cool.

"It doesn't surprise me with those guys. Those guys have accomplished so much I don't put anything past them now, I don't put anything past them."

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