Jim Cornette Shares Story About Vader Getting Caught In His Pyro During WWE Entrance

As noted, longtime WWE manager and pro wrestling promoter Jim Cornette recently spoke about the passing of Leon "Vader" White on his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience.

During the show, Cornette spoke about Vader getting caught up in his entrance pyro during a walk to the ring in his days with WWE.

"At the Raw tapings in the 90's during the Attitude Era, they started using all that pyro to open the show, right?" Cornette said, "I guess Leon I guess didn't know exactly what time of night it was or the show was about to start but he walked under the stage where you could walk under the Raw stage and you could look out and see the crowd and the arena and the people. You could watch matches from under there, you know if you peeked through the curtain people couldn't see ya. So it was something people did every once in a while but not right at the start of the show because they're about to blow all the pyro off on top of the stage. He walked under the goddamn stage and nobody saw him or caught him and he was peeking out at the crowd and the building when suddenly they blew this s--t off right on top of him."

Cornette continued, "All of a sudden several of the boys were sitting backstage and they see Leon come back out from under the stage and he's holding his head in both hands and he's swerving from left to right like in the cartoons, right? Like he couldn't figure out which was he's gonna fall down. He drops to his knees and he couldn't hear, people were screaming: 'Leon! You okay?!' Anyway, it was a famous moment there and poor Leon finally he could hear later on but god o mighty. I can't imagine -- it would've been like being shelled in the military."

Check out the complete episode of The Jim Cornette Experience podcast at Art19.com.