Jeff Hardy Wrestling Injured, Shinsuke Nakamura Update, Ric Flair to Undergo Surgery

-- Jeff Hardy remains banged up and WWE has been protecting him with short four-way matches on the road, yet he continues to limp a lot whenever he is in action. Hardy apparently injured his leg during a ring entrance back on 5/17 at Smackdown but he's also been dealing with a nerve injury that is causing numbness in his fingers.

-- Shinsuke Nakamura's injury (dog bite) is said to not be serious as he was immediately treated for it but it was a big enough deal that he was pulled from his match on Smackdown and remains uncleared for action. The only thing WWE is saying as far as his participation goes is that he is off the active roster until WWE doctors clear him medically.

-- Ric Flair is scheduled for surgery on July 9, which would be the last operation he has to undergo related to his severe health problems last year.

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