Taz Explains Why Aleister Black's Promos Hurt His Mystique

Taz recently spent some time discussing flaws he has noticed in the presentation of Aleister Black during an episode of his The Taz Show podcast.

As "The Human Suplex Machine" explained during his latest show, the NXT World Champion should not be wearing suits and WWE shouldn't be putting him on the microphone as frequently as they have chosen to.

"I think [the mystique feel] is gone when he wears a suit and talks on a microphone. It just doesn't feel like he's Aleister Black. This dark character, with this dark, demonic-type music. It loses it for me. Once the music is gone, and the lights are up, and he's in a suit, and he's got the belt on, meh."

Taz continued, "And now he's talking. Meh, okay. It's not who I look at as Aleister Black. I would go a different route when he's cutting a promo. I wouldn't have him in a suit, I'd have him always in his gear, and that's an old school thing that some old school wrestling people would agree with me, some new school people would disagree with me."

Check out the complete episode of The Taz Show podcast at Radio.com.