Kane Responds to Criticism That He's Still Wrestling While Running for Mayor

-- In a story ran by the Knoxville News Sentinel, Linda Haney - Kane's opponent in the upcoming mayoral election - was apparently surprised to find out that he is still wrestling while in the middle of his election campaign and that she thought wrestling was in his past:

“I was really stunned to find out he was still pursuing it. I thought it was in the past. I thought in this crucial time he’d want to be here and be with the people.

“Being an entertainer doesn’t make you a political figure. It may get you some votes, but I believe people want someone with common sense and who is (ready to lead).”

-- Kane responded by saying his appearances with WWE are "sporadic" and that it doesn't affect his preparations for the election. He added that wrestling is just like any other job and if he did something else as a career, it would be the same thing and he'd be gone for a day or two without impacting his other duties.

“After I am elected mayor, I’ll be mayor. (Though) I may still do a few special things. I’ve done it for 23 years now and have quite a history, it’ll always be part of my life. I think the question is, if I am taking it seriously, and of course I am. I wouldn’t (be running) if not.

“I’m sure some people will say that (I’m not focused) and some others will say that’s the coolest thing ever. Again, you can’t make everyone happy. You just do what you can and that’s it … you’re always going to catch criticism no matter what you do.”

-- The election takes place on August 2 and Kane is a heavy favorite to defeat Haney to become the next mayor of Knox County.