Report: Paul Heyman Listed as a Writer for Multiple Segments on Monday's Raw

-- According to a report by Sean Sapp of Fightful, internal documents obtained show that Paul Heyman could be back working for WWE in a creative capacity apart from his on-screen role as Brock Lesnar's advocate.

-- The report adds that while Heyman has rarely been on TV the last few months due to Lesnar's own absence, he was backstage at Raw this past Monday and was listed as having contributed to multiple segments on the show, including the opening backstage altercation between Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley as well as Lashley's live interview later in the show.

-- Heyman was reportedly listed as a road agent, which is basically a WWE producers who is on the road as opposed to someone who write scripts from home and send it to someone else at the show.

-- When reached for a comment on his status by Sapp, Paul Heyman declined to make a statement while WWE officials focused on getting more details on this document rather than answering any questions on it.