Heyman Not Part of Raw Writing Team; Clarification on Why He Was at This Week's Raw

-- In a clarification on a previous story about Paul Heyman traveling with the WWE Raw brand and acting as a road agent/writer, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Heyman is actually not on the writing team. Instead, Heyman was in Boston - the site of Raw - and helped put together the Reigns-Lashley face-to-face and the later Lashley interview.

-- Heyman was there specifically to look over the Reigns/Lashley segments and this makes sense because he does that for virtually every segment that will lead to a Brock Lesnar program. Heyman previously did the same sort of work for Bill Goldberg and his segments and helped write all of Goldberg's interviews.

-- For what it's worth, back from his developmental days, Lashley and Heyman were close and when Lashley was fighting in MMA, he always talked "glowingly" about Heyman.

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