Booker T Speaks on Hogan's Reinstatement, Bobby Lashley, WCW to WWE Transition, more




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Booker T on Hulk Hogan Being Reinstated Into the Hall of Fame

The thing is when people say stuff behind closed doors...I’m sure you’ve said things behind closed doors {direct to Sean}, I’m sure everyone in that room has said stuff behind closed doors that they’d never say in public… Why is the person taping your conversation? They’re obviously looking to get something out of it. You gotta look at it from that perspective as well. You don’t know if someone was drinking or not. There are so many variables that go into that one little episode. And I just don’t think that in the wrestling business coincide with each other. Do we got to set this thing down, reprimand, suspend him? Of course. But for him to be banned from professional wrestling for that one incident? I mean c’mon. That I don’t agree with. Let’s put in the past and move forward.

Booker T Talks About Bobby Lashley Possibly Facing Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar got a whole lot going on, on his plate right now. With his UFC thing, USADA, getting back in the lineup, there’s a lot of work involved with that right there. I’m sure he’s gonna have to prepare for it. The thing with him and Bobby Lashley; I think it be good for Bobby to actually get in there and mix with Brock Lesnar. It might be a rough night for him… but a good rub. People have been wanting to see Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley for many many years. Both of them have the ameteur background… Bobby is definitely ready to step into the fire… as well as we wonder what Bobby’s still got left in the tank after ten years of being away from the company. We’re fired up, we’ll find out very soon.

Booker T on David Arquette's Return To Pro Wrestling

I love it, man I'm a big fan of David Arquette. People don't know about the WCW story and if they don't I'll tell you. When David Arquette won the world title he was back in the locker room and he was just sitting across from me and he was looking at the title. He was pretty happy for a minute and he goes, "Man that's pretty cool isn't it?" And I go, "yeah that's pretty cool." He looks at me and he goes, " Booker how many times have you won the World Championship?" And I go, "Man. I've never one it. I've never won it before." He took a big breath his eyes got big he couldn't believe it. And the following night he went out on television and he goes, "I don't deserve this championship. People like Booker T should have this championship." So he's probably one of the biggest reasons I became World Champion and people don't even really understand or realize that. That he was just in a position and if anyone else would have been in the position that David Arquette was in they would have taken it as well.

Booker T On Why He Chose To Go To WWE After WCW Buyout

Time off in this business is one's worst enemy. Ric Flair always used to always say, "time off is a wrestler's worst enemy." For me, I had momentum. You know the money issue...I gave up a lot of money. I've never done any interviews about that or anything like that. But I gave up a lot of money to keep going. I felt like the money would come right back. I truly, honestly, believe this; I make the money, the money don't make me. And that's the way I feel in life still right now today no matter what happens. As long as I got my legs, I got my health. I'm going to make money. That's just who I've been all my life, so to keep going as well as to test myself with the so-called best wrestlers in the world. I wanted to see exactly how good I really was I wanted to push myself to see if I was top notch or were these guys actually better than me? That's one thing I always believed in was my talent. I always knew that I could perform with the best.

Booker T On Transitioning From WCW to WWE and The Advice He Gives His Students

When I came to WWE, I left every accolade that I’d ever accomplished in WCW behind. I did not come into WWE/WWF thinking ‘ Hey man, these guys need to give me my props because I’m a former world champion...I came in World Champion/ United States champion so I need to get my props.’ No. I left all of that behind. I tell my students ‘if you can’t make it in the locker room , you have no chance of making it in the ring.’ I tell my students you can be great at what you do, but if people don’t like you, you’re not gonna last.

Sean 'X-Pac' Waltman On The Passing of Masa Saito

Go down the Masa Saito rabbit hole if you have a chance because there's some great stuff there. If you Google or you go on Youtube and type in Masa Saito several matches will come up. There’s a singles match with him and the original Tiger Mask Satoru Sayama. From here, from the states, commentary by Vince McMahon. There is some other great stuff. There's a match with Saito and Hulk from St. Paul Civic Center. with David Schultz, Dr. D, David Schultz out on the floor on Saito's side and the heat is just amazing. When you go back and listen to the crowd during their matches it's amazing. You're going to be missed Masa. Personally, speaking for myself I love you and I'm very grateful for everything you've done to help me in my career.