Stephanie McMahon Reveals The Best Advice Vince McMahon Has Ever Given Her (Video)

As noted, Stephanie McMahon recently appeared at this year's Sports Humanitarian Awards. During the event, the WWE Chief Brand Ambassador spoke with the folks from Instinct Culture for an interview while on the red carpet.

During the discussion, Stephanie was asked about her father, longtime WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. When asked what the best advice her father has ever given her, Stephanie offered the following response.

"The best advice my father's given me as a businessperson is to -- there's so many great pieces of advice. I'd say now take calculated risks," said the WWE executive and on-air performer.

As WWE continues its' global expansion, the company has become involved with plenty of worth-while business endeavors outside of the pro wrestling realm. During the interview, Stephanie spoke about some of those.

"WWE's mission is to put smiles on faces the world over," said Stephanie. "Whether we do it by our entertainment content or we do it by giving back."

The WWE performer named the V-Foundation, The Special Olympics, The Boys And Girls Clubs of America, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation as some that WWE has partnered with in recent years.

"Those are just to name a few," McMahon said. "I could go deep in on each one of those, but it is a privilege to be able to give back in as many ways as we can."

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