Sonny Onoo Recalls Randy Savage & Road Warrior Hawk Backstage Incident

For those who have been following the behind-the-scenes news of the wrestling industry for some time may recall the backstage heat late wrestling legends "Macho Man" Randy Savage and "Road Warrior Hawk" during the 1990s.

Former WCW manager Sonny Onoo recently sat down for an interview with the folks from Hannibal TV and recalled being there in person to witness the two going at it behind the curtain during a live taping of a WCW event.

"I was there," Onoo recalled. "There was a wife and a girlfriend involved, who both lived in Tampa. There was some issue about that -- I'm not exactly sure about that part of it, but there was definitely heat."

Onoo continued, "Then, they had Randy Savage's music -- and he was one of the main guys, you know? And behind the curtain, Randy Savage and [Road Warrior] Hawk was [sic] going at it. There were face-to-face, and about to go. Then the music hits, and he's not going out. They actually had to stop the music! Imagine me -- I weigh about 135 lbs. soaking wet, trying to get in between these two guys."

For more details regarding the infamous Savage/Hawk incident, check out the following excerpt from the Hannibal TV interview with Sonny Onoo below.