*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results From Toronto (8/12)

On Sunday evening, Impact Wrestling taped several matches and segments for upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling on Pop TV. Featured below are spoiler results from the taping.

* Joe Hendry defeated Tyson Dux (Xplosion Match)

* LAX (w/ Konnan) defeated Tarik and Brent Banks (Xplosion Match)

* Brian Cage (c) defeated Fenix (w/ Pentagon Jr.) (Impact X Division Championship)

* Eddie Edwards cuts a promo on Austin Aries and Killer Kross attacking him over the past couple weeks. Wants to fight one of them, both come out, Edwards punches Aries, but Kross drops Edwards. Aries and Kross then beat up Edwards some more. Moose returns and makes the save for Edwards.

* Kiera Hogan defeated Alisha Edwards

* Brandon Tidwell and Mr. Atlantis defeated Cult Of Lee (w/ Eli Drake)

* Gama Singh out for a promo. Gama insults the Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, and Raptors. He then introduces the Desi Hit Squad.

* Fallah Bahh and KM defeated Desi Hit Squad

* Matt Sydal defeated Zachary Wentz

* Rich Swann defeated Petey Williams

* Eli Drake out to cut a promo, says he never was friends with the Cult of Lee. Brings Mr. Atlantis and Brandon Tidwell out and has one more test for them. Mr. Atlantis accepts Eli Drake's challenge, but Tidwell ends up being the guy who wrestles Drake.

* Eli Drake defeated Brandon Tidwell

* Tessa Blanchard defeated Su Yung (c) and Allie to become the new Impact Knockouts Champion.

* Video is shown of Moose getting taken out backstage by Killer Kross.

* Austin Aries and Killer Kross vs. Eddie Edwards - Moose comes down later in the match for the hot tag and turns on Edwards, hitting him with a spear. Moose joins Aries and Kross in beating up Edwards. Alisha Edwards comes out and slaps Moose.

* Sami Callihan defeated Pentagon Jr. in a Mexican Death Match by hitting a top rope piledriver through a table.

(H/T: WrestlingInc.com)