Flip Gordon On Criticism Of His Wrestling Style, Indy Misconceptions

Flip Gordon recently spoke with the folks from Metro for an interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On fans criticizing his high-paced style in the ring: "When you first start out in wrestling, nobody knows who you are, so you have to go and create buzz. I did the crazy flips to get noticed at first, but eventually yes, you have to start toning it down and that's when you start learning how to use psychology, where to use flips so that they mean more. I definitely know that you have to use your brain, because in the ring, safety is first, and you have to take care of who you're in the ring with. I think my style fits in great at the moment, but I've got a long way to go before I'm a fully well rounded wrestler. I've been lucky to travel a lot where I've learned a lot quick, but I've got so much to learn still."

On the biggest misconceptions about being an independent wrestler these days: "The biggest misconception is that you can't make a good living, which is completely false. There are many guys that have done so. I've been very lucky that I've just fully furnished and moved into a new apartment because of wrestling. You can definitely do it, you just need to work your ass off."

On his highlights in 2018 thus far: "Oh my gosh, there has been so many highlights from my PWG debut, tagging with Rey Mysterio, wrestling Cody at the Hammerstein Ballroom, that was absolutely nuts. Tagging with The Young Bucks in the crazy ladder match at Supercard of Honor, my New-Japan debut, King Of The Indies, and then just recently my opportunity for the NWA title. This year has been full of highlights!"

Check out the complete Flip Gordon interview at Metro.co.uk.