WWE Live Event Results (9/3/18) - Saginaw, MI

Thanks to rajah.com reader Tom Skulley for sending in these results!

Here are the results from last night's Smackdown House Show in Saginaw, MI.
Announcer: Byron Saxton

Match 1: Smackdown Tag Team Championship
New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston) vs. The Bar
New Day entered to tossing pancakes to the crowd along with throwing them at the Bar as they entered the ring. Nice they had the Booty O's box at a house show.
Started off as a comedy match, but was largely the Bar working over Kofi. Big E got the hot tag and did the big Ending/Trouble in Paradise combination for the pin on Sheamus after 8 mins. Good opener to get the crowd going.
Winners: New Day

Match 2: Naomi vs Sonya Deville w/Mandy Rose
Sonya entered walking down the aisle calling Saginaw "Saginasty" which got the cheap heat. She said Naomi needs to put hair up and square up. Mandy is absolutely beautiful and received several "I love you's" from the ringside males. Both women got a fair amount of offense in. Didn't like the finish as it was the "rollup of death" instead of the rear view after about 6 minutes. Would not mind seeing Naomi getting another singles push or getting a partner to feud with these 2 or the Iiconics.
Winner: Naomi

Match 3: Sanity (Eric Young and Killian Daine) w/Alexander Wolfe vs The Uso's
Crowd had a "shave your back" chant going to Kilian Daine for the few few mins of the match. I have seen the Uso's about 6-8x in person and have never seen them mail it in. Always work hard whether it is a PPV, TV match, or house show. Wrestle each match as if it were their last match. Much respect.
Kind of an old school tag team match with the heels dividing the ring and working over Jey Uso. Frequent tags with Alexander Wolfe getting the occasional shot in when the referee's back was turned. Nice to see Eric Young get some time on the main roster after paying his dues in TNA for 10+ years.
Finish came when Jimmy Uso got the hot tag, knocked Eric Young off the apron, Wolfe off the apron when he tried to interfere, and then the double kick on Killian Daine for the pin. Match went about 12-15 mins.
Winners: Uso's

Match 4:
Rusev and Lana vs Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega
Zelina came out first walking down the aisle stating that she will announce her Associate correctly instead of Byron Saxton. Rusev and Lana came out to a nice pop. Crowd was really into Lana. Both teams posed before the match and was a lot of silly chasing at the beginning. Lot of comedy here as well. Heels got a fair amount of offense in. I would imagine both ladies are going to wrestle at the Evolution PPV so getting some ring time to prepare. Finish was the babyfaces making the strong come back and Almas/Vega doing a double tap out to the accolade.
Winners: Rusev and Lana

Match 5:
United States Championship
Shinsuke Nakamura vs Jeff Hardy
Nice to see Jeff Hardy doing the house show loop again. He came in with the full face paint on. He didn't mail it in either. One of his arm bands landed at my feet, but I gave it to the little girl behind me. Much respect to Jeff Nero Hardy for all he has given to the business. Basic match here with Nakamura going for the low blow and Hardy backing up to avoid it. Jeff did a whisper in the wind in front of me which was cool to see. End came with Nakamura landing the Kinchasa after about 12 mins.
Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Match 6: Daniel Bryan vs The Miz
Miz did his stalling with the robe, sunglasses, and headband. Called the Saginaw crowd the Sweathogs and didn't allow him silence to take off his gear so they could see what a real man looks like. Great mic work. I was disappointing this match didn't get more time. Bryan kicked out of the skull crushing finale and did his running jump off the turnbuckle that we have seen many times. Finish was the running knee after about 7 mins.
Winner: Daniel Bryan
Match 7: R Truth vs Shelton Benjamin
R Truth did his What's up schtick entering and had the crowd doing some dual chants at the beginning of the match. More comedy spots at the beginning. I will say Shelton is in fantastic shape. If that guy had even a shred of charisma I think his career would have been much different. Back and forth match with another quick finish after R Truth hit the little Jimmy.
Winner: R Truth

Match 8:
Smackdown Women's Championship
Charlotte Flair vs Carmella
Charlotte got a nice pop with a lot of WOO's from the crowd. Carmella got a decent amount of offense in and did her normal heel tactics. Underrated worker in my opinion. A few near falls which was nice to see as we didn't get that a lot tonight. Charlotte had Carmella in the figure 8 when Becky came out to interfere causing the DQ.
Winner by DQ: Charlotte Flair
Subsequently Asuka came out to make the save which resulted in.

Match 9: Becky Lynch and Carmella vs Charlotte Flair and Asuka
My favorite part of this match was seeing Asuka and Becky work together. It was the first time I had seen Asuka in person and her and Becky are both fantastic in the ring. Would not mind seeing a singles program with those two. Becky was not getting BOO'd here either. Received more cheers as you would expect. End came with Carmella tapping out to the Figure 8 after about 10 mins.
Winners: Charlotte Flair and Asuka
Charlotte and Asuka celebrated after the match with the crowd. Could almost had this match go on last if it were maybe 5-10 minutes longer and had some more near falls.

Main Event
WWE Championship
AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe
Lot of cheers for Joe and "Joe" chants. He attacked AJ before his introduction was over. Threw him out on the floor. Joe got a decent amount of offense in. For a main event I think these guys could have delivered more. I was expecting Joe to put on the Coquita Clutch or land a muscle buster for a near fall. Something. AJ went for the Styles Clash which Joe was able to avoid. Funny moment of the night was when said to Joe "ask AJ how his wife is"....Joe was like "I already know"---good response to stay in character and keep the storyline going.
Finish was when Joe tapped to Calf Crusher, which shocked me since it was so quick. Match only went about 13 mins.
Winner: AJ Styles
Attendance: 1,500