WWE/ECW House Show Results (11/11/06) - Butlins, Minehead

By: Matt Wyatt, rajah.com reader

Just got back from the WWE Raw Weekend at Butlins, Minehead. Here are some results
from the show (order may be slightly off).

Firstly, the arena set up was amazing. It was a huge tent that held about 7000
people and was packed to the rafters. The atmosphere was amazing all night (and for
the whole weekend). Loads and loads of DX, Cena & Carlito T-Shirts were sold (sadly
there were no Trevor Murdoch T-Shirts for me to buy?!).
Lillian came out at 1930 to kick off the show to a good pop. She hyped up the crowd
and threw some t-shirts into the crowd before singing the National Anthem to a
standing ovation.

(1) Cryme Tyme Vs Murdoch & Cade. Murdoch and Cade out first to good heat (apart
from myself who seemed to be the only one cheering out of 7000!). Cryme Tyme had a
good pop and picked up the win. Good crowd interaction from all 4 through-out.
Murduch and Cade were hilarious throughout.

(2) Hardcore Holly Vs Rene Dupree. Dupree came out first and riled up the crowd to
decent heat then Holly arrived with a good pop and picked up the quick win with the
Alabama Slam. Dupree sold the finisher well all the way to the back.

(3) Mickie James & Candice Michele Vs Victoria & Lita. Torrie Wilson was introduced
as the special guest referee. All 5 ladies were looking mighty fine! A few blown
spots here and there but otherwise an entertaining match with Candice picking up the
win over Victoria.

(4) Kevin Thorn w/ Airel Vs Sabu. Thorn was out first to little reaction followed
by Sabu who appeared in the ring to a good pop. Your average Sabu match followed
with loud chants from the crowd demanded tables through-out (they never delivered!).
Sabu picked up the win with a somersault leg drop to the back of Thorn's neck. How
Airel manages to keep in her outfits is beyond me!

(5) Ric Flair, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper & The Highlanders Vs The Spirit Squad. Hude pop
for Flair with Wooooooooooos! all around. Piper then came out to a massive cheer
and introduced The Highlanders to turn the match into a 4 man tag. For some reason
Kenny was the Squader left on the outside which was disappointing as I like Kenny.
Anyways the champs and the Highlanders picked up the win after an entertaining match
with some good comedy spots thrown in. Piper's shirt remained intact thank god! No
teased break up from the Sqauders tonight.

A short intermission followed.

(6) Johnny Nitro w/ Melina Vs Carlito Vs Jeff Hardy Vs Shelton Benjamin (Fatal 4 way
for the Intercontinental Championship). This was the best match of the night in my
opinion with everybody working hard through-out. Some good spots included the
Whisper in the Wind & Shelton's leap to the top rope. A Stand out moment was when
Shelton lifted Melina into the Gorilla Press Slam position and Carito made the save
(to a loud chorus of boos). Melina distracted Carito with a hug allowing Nitro to
take the advantage. Finish saw Hardy (who was insanely over) hit the Senton on
Carlito only for Nitro to throw him out of the ring and pick up the easy pin.
Excellent match.

(7) Tommy Dreamer Vs Test. Man Test is huge in person, easily the biggest person on
card (including HHH and Chad). Kids started chanting "You take Steroids" to Test
early. Not a good sign Vince! Match was good with Test picking up the win with the
Grade (his F-5 type finisher - not sure of it's actual name?). Some hard hitting
spots including the Dreamer DDT and the Big Boot. Test got massive heat by
interacting with all of the crowd at ringside. He looks more motivated than I've
ever seen him before. Dreamer got a kid in the ring with him to pose for a picture
(now on WWE.com I believe?).

(8) DX & John Cena Vs Edge w/Lita, Randy Orton & Uuuuuuuuuuuumaga w/ Estrada. Main
Event time and, boy oh boy, what a crowd reaction. The top of the arena literally
almost came off as the DX Music started up. The crowd went absolutely crazy. Even
I marked out and I am not a fan of the "new" DX. It was just a fantastic live
experience. After DX went through the usual routine Cena's music hit and, my god,
the reaction was even louder than before. The Heels then made their entrances.
Umaga had Carlito's purple trunks on which was very funny with everybody in the ring
laughing at him and Estrada trying to explain to him what he had on. The match was
simple but very entertaining. Umaga went after Edge and Orton every time they tried
to tag him into the match. At one point it seemed that Edge and Umaga had broken
character as they were both laughing with each other on the ring apron for part of
the match. HHH was interacting the crowd throughout and at one point made Estrada
run off down the aisle like an Olympic Sprinter to big cheers. HBK played face in
peril for the middle of the match. End saw Umaga out of the ring following a DX
double nut shot and some Sweet Chin Music. Pedigree to Orton then an FU on Edge for
the 1,2, 3. Place erupted again for the finish and Cena stuck around in the ring
sucking in the cheers to end the show.

Overall, this house show was excellent and the crowd was super hot all night. I
really hope that WWE come back next year and the South West of England is obviously
a huge market for them. Awesome, awesome night and weekend.

Submitted by Matt Wyatt, Gloucester, England on Monday 13th November 2006 at 15:12