Official ECW On Sci Fi Preview (11/21/06): Extreme Enemies


Paul Heyman kicked off the last ECW on Sci Fi announcing that the sixth and final man to join the other competitors in December to Dismember’s Extreme Elimination Chamber would be determined.

Lashley made sure his signature ended up on the contract as he tossed Hardcore Holly like a rag doll, marched to the ring, then speared Big Show on the way. Will the ECW World Champion be able to regain some pride in time for his team's big match against John Cena's team at Survivor Series?

Will Lashley continue to make a statement in his new home? What will happen when he returns to SmackDown for the last time as a SmackDown Superstar, teaming up with Batista to face King Booker and Finlay?

Also on ECW on Sci Fi, Mike Knox got another chance at getting out his jealous aggression toward CM Punk. Knox, however, fell short again. Kelly smiled through the whole match and rooted her boyfriend's opponent on. Will Knox continue going after Punk after witnessing Kelly's reaction, or has he learned his lesson?

After his match CM Punk reasserted that his strategy to obtain the ECW World Title involves only himself. Along with the other Extremists set to compete in the Extreme Elimination Chamber, Punk stormed the ring during Lashley and Holly's match in the night's main event. All of the men exchanged blows, showing no allegiance. Will the upcoming competition spark new rivalries?

Finally, Daivari and The Great Khali continued their domination as they rolled through ECW Original Tommy Dreamer. Another new Extremist, Elijah Burke, faced his first challenge as he substituted for Tazz at the announce table. What is next for these new additions to the ECW roster?

Find out the answers to all of these questions and more next week at 10/9 CT on ECW on Sci Fi.

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