Carlito Angry About Being Left Off Of Mania; Hates His Current Role In WWE

One guy who was really upset about being left off of Wrestlemania is Carlito. At the WWE THQ Superstar Challenge, Carlito won one of his matches and was reportedly overheard saying, and this is not a direct quote, "Great, I can win here and can't at Wrestlemania." He wasn't in the best of spirits. To add to that, his feelings have been confirmed in an article today in the Ottawa Sun.

"I'm out of Wrestlemania," he says. Carlito then takes a subtle shot at some of the people who will be wrestling at WrestleMania by saying, "Apparently, they had to make space for Kane vs. Khali and Melina vs. Ashley. How can I be at Wrestlemania? If I politic and kiss ass, I should make it."

Carlito also added, "I'm not going to cry or be bitter, there's always next year ... and I don't want to get fired. But they're showing disrespect by not having Ric Flair at Wrestlemania and even more disrespect by not having Carlito there."

He also admits to hating his current role in WWE as a babyface. "I absolutely hate being a babyface more than anything else," he says.

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