Sting's Next Feud, Christy's Mystery Team, Hector Guerrero & Apolo

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Sting's long-drawn program with Abyss should be coming to a conclusion soon. He is scheduled to feud with Christopher Daniels in a few months. That's the reason Daniels wore a Sting mask, trenchcoat and used a baseball bat in his return because they are planting the seeds for a program between the two.

They were trying to get a team from Mexico for Christy Hemme at Lockdown to put over VKM, but those plans have been nixed. The Missouri State Athletic Commission requires blood tests before getting licensed (all TNA wrestlers had blood drawn at TV for the tests) and the AAA wrestlers weren't going to be able to be found and tested in time for being licensed. The storyline is still scheduled for Christy to wind up with The Basham Brothers feuding with VKM. Although, B.G. James suggested using Serotonin for the spot because they're already on the roster and it saves the company from hiring two wrestlers.

There is talk of making Apolo and the 53-year old Hector Guerrero a babyface tag team.

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