More WM23 News: Trump's Demands, Protecting Batista

Donald Trump has told WWE he does not want his match (or the hair shaving segment) to air at the same time as the Apprentice airs on NBC. Since The Apprentice airs during the final hour of WrestleMania, the Battle of the Billionares will definitely take place earlier in the show.

Melina will retain the WWE women's title against Ashley. Ashley's megapush came because she was featured on the cover of Playboy Magazine. Since there is a new issue of Playboy being released within the next week, expect Ashley's push to disappear along with her magazine from newsstands.

John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels will be the final match of WrestleMania.

Dave Batista told several media outlets this week that his match with The Undertaker will surpass the legendary Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat classic from WrestleMania 3. Although the Undertaker will do everything in his power to get a decent match out of the overrated slug, expect to see "more shortcuts than a Jeff Jarrett match". WWE is very down on Batista's in ring work and are aware they will have to protect him from being exposed.

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