WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (4/24/07) - London, England

Show started with Chavo and Helms coming out for a tag match. The Hardys were announced as the opponents, the crowd was crazy for the Hardys the whole time who picked up the win with the Twist Of Fate/Swanton combo. After the match the Hardys stayed around after the match for a minute or two posing for the fans and shaking hands.

ECW started with a backstage bit with the new breed and Punk saying he was sorry for last week, nothing special to be honest.

Opening match was Lashley vs. Umaga, an okay match, Lashley was over huge. Finish came when Lashley clotheslined Umaga over the top rope and Armando nailed Lashley with the title belt which was no sold. Afterwards Vince came out to hold Umaga back as Lashley spears Armando before he throws him over the top rope.

Another new Breed promo... couldn't hear the sound as it was too echo-ey in the arena.

Snitsky destroyed Balls. Less said about this, the better.

Another new breed skit...

ECW Originals vs. New breed elimination match. Sandman was the first man eliminated after he missed a senton from the top rope and was pinned by Striker. Striker was out next after a split-legged moonsault from RVD. Sabu went out next after the Pounce from Cor Von. The next elimination was confusing, it looked like Cor Von was eliminated by Dreamer with a roll-up, the fans reacted as if he was, but apparently he wasn't, instead a few moments later on the outside he lifted Dreamer up and dropped him crotch first onto the security rail and was disqualified for it. Yep, that's right, DQed for that, the fans hated that. Kevin Thorn was out next after a Dreamer DDT, then as Dreamer got up he was nailed with the Elijah Express and pinned. So it went down to Burke and RVD, Van Dam eventually won after Punk kicked Burk in the back of the head and then RVD nailed the 5 star. After the match Punk nailed Burk with the Go 2 Sleep. Afterwards there was a great part where Punk is standing over Burke and sarcastically says he's sorry.

Smackdown starts with Batista and Kennedy brawling in the back when Finlay comes in. They brawl out to the entrance area where Kennedy and Finlay get the upper hand when the lights go out and the Undertaker appears in the ring, before the lights go out and he vanishes.

Kennedy and Finlay complain to Teddy Long about Taker, he makes a main event of Taker/Batista vs. Finlay/Kennedy. Yup, Taker and Batista teaming again, in a no dq match this time.

Regal/Taylor vs Boogeyman/Kane was the first match... and boy it wasn't pretty. Boogeyman did pretty much nothing the entire match until he tagged in and got the win. Crowd loved Regal, after the match Boogey ate worms.

Deuce vs Kendrick was the next match. London had his ribs taped after last week and was selling them whilst Kendrick did the usual entrance. This match was dull, no other words for it... this was dull, full of rest holds. Deuce won after Domino yanked London off of the apron, distracting Kendrick allowing Deuce to nail a jumping kick for the win.

MVP did his usually promo where he challenged a local champion. This week it was the Scottish champion, who was dressed up like Mel Gibson is Braveheart. MVP squashed him to the point that the guys wig fell off and then he beat him with his neckbreaker finisher. He was then about to bring out someone else when Benoit interrupted him and challenged him. The two had a pretty solid match before MVP bolted and got counted out.

Long and Kristal talk backstage, Long says he loves her and he's thinking of getting some help running Smackdown so he can spend more time with her. Seriously

Jillian came out and sang before he was interrupted by Michelle which then led to a match. Jillian won the match and then tried to sing again before Michelle attacked her on the outside

Main Event was next. It was nothing special, despite being no-DQ nothing unusually happened apart from Finlay using the club. Finish came when gave Kennedy and Finlay a chokeslam each before Batista spinebustered Finlay for the win. Post match Batista claimed no-one can keep him down for ten and then Taker threatened to take his soul.

Credit: pwinsider.com