Steve Austin Comments On Returning To WWE In-Ring Action

Aintitcool News Website has an interview up with Steve Austin who is promoting the release of his film The Condemned. Interestingly enough, Austin comments on returning to the WWE and actually states that he could return IF he wanted too. Here is an excerpt from the interview: You can read the entire interview here.

C: And it did. So, you're a man in your early 40s; you've sustained injuries that are still bothering you today, that have kept you out of the ring for sometimes months at a time. Why is now the time in your life to become an action hero?

SA: The bottom line is, if I still wanted to wrestle I could. If I did return to wrestling, I could go right back where I was, and go back to being on top. It's just now, at one time in your wrestling career--maybe more than once--but you just think you're absolutely bulletproof. Finally you wake up, because you haven't recovered as fast as you used to. And you wake up and say, I never did look at the future, I look day to day, but now let me look 10, 15 years down the road. How am I going to feel? What's my quality of life going to be like? I feel really good now; let's bail out and do the movie thing. I've sustained a lot of injuries, but walking around on a day-to-day basis, I'm fine. People ask me, "What about the knees?" The knees are fine. You saw the movie, I do all my own stuff in the movie, a lot of action. I did use knee braces when I was doing stuff like wrestling, but it's kind of like for me putting on shoulder pads and a helmet for football; it's part of the gear. My neck is fine. I'm fine. It's just that when I looked down the road for wrestling, I needed to bail out when I did.

C: Did you feel you'd gone as far as you could in the world of wrestling?

SA: I do think I went as far as I could. I actually, a long time ago, wanted to turn back into a bad guy, and I attempted that when I wrestled The Rock, because I was starting to feel a little stale. But people didn't want to see that out of me, so I went back to being a good guy. So yeah, I think that I did everything that I could. I don't know what else that you could have done.

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