Jim Ross Speaks Out On Randy Orton Being Sent Home From European Tour

In his latest blog, the voice of RAW Jim Ross comments on Randy Orton being sent home early from WWE's European tour. Ross wrote:

"Orton, as reported by WWE.com was sent home from the tour for unprofessional conduct, which I am sure will most likely cost the 3rd generation star some hard-earned cash. Nonetheless, Orton will most likely be in Atlanta Sunday, and if he is not I will be surprised. Orton is not unlike many young athletes who reach fame and fortune at a young age and have issues handling it. I read about it seemingly every week regarding athletes from the NFL, MLB, NBA, etc. That certainly doesn’t make it right, as there are only so many “second chances” to go around and it would be a damn shame to see any young talent self destruct and permanently damage their career because of utilizing poor judgment. Randy is a talented and good hearted kid, but he has to make better choices, especially when it comes to anger issues. In my opinion, if Randy decides to change how he approaches certain situations he can be successful in doing so, which would in turn extend his career into one of the longer, more successful ones in the business. I speak from experience that “attitude” starts and ends with the person one sees in the mirror."

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