Big WWE Star Leaving Soon, Batista Upsets Fans, Condemned Ripped

source: Wrestling Observer

One of WWE's biggest stars has decided to leave the company in the near future. Also, an important behind-the-scenes person is also planning on leaving the company. The names should be revealed within the next few days.

Batista upset several WWE fans from the UK earlier in the week at an autograph signing. He didn't bother to speak or look up to the fans at the signing. He also refused to have pictures taken. One youngster named Kyle went home in tears after meeting his ex-wrestling idol. Kyle's dad said, "Kyle got a ticket and couldn't sleep the night before, he was so excited at meeting Batista and he had the afternoon off school. All his mates were telling him how jealous they were. But when he got there we were told Batista would only be signing WWE merchandise. We queued for nearly two hours and he signed a WWE book, didn’t even look at him or say a word and that was it. His mum was trying to take a picture of the two on the mobile phone but his bouncers kept standing in the way to stop it. Dad also added, "And he refused to sign a birthday card that Kyle had taken in because it is his birthday in three weeks. I think it is absolutely disgraceful for a man who is loved by so many kids to behave like this. We go down to the Wolves training ground all the time and they can’t do enough for us. If they can make the effort I don't see why a jumped-up bloke in tights can’t do the the same. Kyle couldn’t stop crying." Click here for an article entitled "WWE star's sulk is blow for fans" regarding the autograph signing.

The San Diego Union-Tribune has a scathing review on The Condemned. The first line is "Wrestling star `Stone Cold' Steve Austin can't act." They also said, "Beyond ugly, it's stone cold stupid. You wonder what steroids Austin took to plug up his brain whlie he went so grimly through the motions."

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