Test Hospitalized, New Outfit For Eugene, HBK Snubs Fan

Apparently, Andrew "Test" Martin recently contracted a major infection and it was shutting his body down. He says that he lost 45 pounds within two weeks. He posted the following message on his MySpace page:

Guys..My sincere, sincere apologies over the past weekends show for MCW. I'll give you the quick version as It's still hard to type. Last Monday I had woken up and my feet had ballooned to where, I couldn't even get my shoes on. I immediately went to the doc, who got me on some water pills to get the water out of my feet. Tuesday I wake up and my throat is killing me. I eat eight to ten meals a day everyday and since that Tuesday 2 weeks ago I have not had one solid meal.....anyways as soon as I felt the way my throat was I was on my way back to see the doc, who put me on some antibiotics and told me to rest and I would be feeling better in a few days. When a few days went by and I had not eaten a thing or slept in 3 days my tonsils were the size of beach balls, I had never been this sick in my life but i was still like screw this, I'm making the show, these people have been counting on me for a month. Against my docs request I got on the plane and headed for Maryland at this point i had not eaten slept or realy even drank any water in five days, I had at this point lost about 25 pounds. The plane ride there was the worst thing ever I just kept shaking and sweating previously. At one point I was even asked if I needed medical attention by the stewardess but in my mind I was like I can suck this up do the match...somehow and get back home and feel better. I land get to the show and the Doc is there checking the wresters. He just looked at me and said there is no way this man is wrestling tonight. At this point I couldn't talk and was shaking and sweating and still had not eaten or slept. He asked what was wrong with me? I showed him my tonsils and my antibiotics and he said when I got home to go see another Doc. I landed Sunday am after yet another night of no sleep and no food. My girl picked me up and when I got in the truck I crumbled she took me to the emergency room where after seeing me and my condition they Immediately rushed me in to the er and hooked me up to an IV. They were pumping me full of drugs and fluids, thy said my body was shutting down I was in the ER for 9 hours yesterday. They told me I had contracted a major infection and it was shutting my body down. They finally released me and sent me home late last nite. I am at home full of antibiotics, I have now lost 45 pounds and feel the worst I have ever felt in my life. I've managed to drink some waters and if it wasn't for my girl I would probably be dead....thanks Babs, I love you. Again guys I'm sorry I realy wanted to perform for you guys on Sat...I'm sorry. That's where I'm at right now guys....the size I was in highschool and still not out of the woods....just wanted to apologize to everyone at MCW and I PROMISE to make it up! Take care

It looks like Eugene is getting a new outfit that covers up bis body. Click here and here to see his new garb.

A video has turned up online of Shawn Michaels snubbing a fan's autograph request during WWE's recent tour of Italy. After HBK gets out of his automobile, a fan is standing by in hopes of landing an autograph, but HBK rebuffs his request by saying "I already did it dude" and he proceeds to walk into the hotel. Click here to see the video.

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