The Condemned Gets Condemned At The Box Office; Only Makes $1.3 Million

source: Wrestling Observer

Stone Cold Steve Austin's movie The Condemned finished in 8th place at the box office last night as it made a mere $1.3 million in 2,310 theaters on its opening night. At this point, the movie is projected to take in $3.5 million during its opening weekend, which is far below anyone's expectations. This would have to be considered a bomb. Several people were predicting the movie to rake in between $7 and $10 million on its opening weekend.

For comparison purposes, See No Evil pulled in an estimated $4.35 million in box office sales on its opening weekend. The film was sixth in the weekend box office totals and ended up making $15,387,513 worldwide when it was all said and done. The Marine earned $7 million in its first week of domestic sales, coming in third place for the weekend. It ended up making $20,226,432 worldwide. And last but not least, WCW's movie Ready To Rumble drew $5,257,778 in its opening weekend in April 2000.

The Condemned cost $20 million to make. Also, The Marine was budgeted to cost $15 million to make, but it ended up costing between $22 and $23 million to make. See No Evil cost roughly $8 million to make.

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