TNA Negotiating With Former World Champions, Christian In Movie, TNA Special

sources: Wrestling Observer,

-- In case you don't know, there is a TNA pay-per-view tomorrow night. TNA has announced a big surprise announcement for the show. They will likely be announcing a two-hour show although the start date has yet to be revealed (it will more than like start in October). There are also rumors of TNA negotiating with some former world champions -- and not one of them is Brock Lesnar because he appears to be bound for the UFC. They have had serious discussions with at least three former champions and they have confidence in nabbing at least one of them.

-- Christian Cage, billed as Jayson Reso, has a small role in the film Shoot Em Up, which was released in movie theatres this weekend. TNA didn't hype his appearance in the movie because his total screen time was approximately 1 second.

-- A 30-minute TNA special hyping tomorrow night's No Surrender pay-per-view airs tonight at midnight on Spike. The special features an X Division match.

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