TNA No Surrender Results 9-9-2007

No Surrender: Team Pacman vs. Sting & Kurt Angle [c] [TNA Tag Team Championship Match]

Team Pacman introduced first. Sting enters alone second. Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring last.

Bell rings and Sting will start with Ron Killings. The two circle and lock up. Killings out to the early upper hand with right hands. Killings to the ropes and Japanese arm drag by Sting. Sting now with a clothesline, and a right. Truth goes to tag in Pacman, but Pacman waves him off and tells Killings to go after Sting.

Angle tagged in and he belly-to-belly suplexes Killings and gets a two count. Ron goes for another tag, and Pacman drops down to the floor to being tagged in. Ron slides outside and confronts Jones. Angle out to chase after. Killings slides in, Angle slides in after him and Ron hits the ropes, hitting a twirling shoulderblock.

Killings applies a sleeper to Angle now in the ring. Karen Angle makes her way down the ramp to ringside. Sting drops to the mat and asks Karen to leave. Karen is visibly upset and tells him to shit up. Referee comes out and tells her to leave. She starts to walk, then runs back down. Sting tells her to leave but she slaps him. Sting then angrily flails his arm toward the entryway pointing for her to leave and apparently he accidentally hits her. Angle tags in Sting and goes to her aid.

Sting inside now in complete control. Stinger Splashes Killings. Jones tags in Jones. Angle then slides in and Olympic slams Sting from behind. Pacman goes for the pin and gets the 1..2…3. Your Winners: Pacman Jones and Ron Killings

No Surrender: James Storm vs. Rhino

Storm introduced first. Rhino charges the ring upon introduction and immediately begins the brawl with Storm. Storm leaps into the crowd and tries to hide but the fans are all pointing him out to Rhino.

Rhino pursues Storm into the crowd and finds him, sending him into the wall. Rhino and Storm battle across the crowd.

Back to ringside now and Rhino clocks Storm with a sign and smashes him face-first into the apron.

On the ramp now and Rhino tries a suplex on Storm but its reversed into a suplex onto Rhino. We finally make it to the ring and officially have the opening bell.

Rhino pummels Storm in the corner. Belly to belly suplex by the manbeast. Rhino calls for The Gore, but Jackie yanks his hair as he is near the corner. Distracted now, Storm is able to hit a Backcracker on Rhino to gain the upper hand.

Storm slows the pace with a sleeper hold now. Rhino battles to a vertical base, bounces off the ropes but is met with a knee-lift to the face by Storm. Storm now climbs the ropes and puts on the cowboy hat, drawing boos from the crowd.

Storm with a rear chinlock submission now.

Rhino battles back to a vertical base, sends Storm to the ropes, but it is reversed. Rhino back elbows Storm. Sends him to the ropes, powerslams him and gets a two count. Storm then hits a double underhook plant. Rhino up and he hits a Gore!!! Goes for the pin and Storm kicks out at two!

Fans hand Rhino two chairs now and he brings them into the ring. Rhino sets up Storm on the top ropes for the Rhino Driver. Storm fights him off, bites the head of Rhino and punches him. Storm then climbs the ropes and Diamond Cutters Rhino from the top rope into the chairs. Two count for Storm.

Storm sets up a table in the ring. Rhino suddenly hoists up Storm and hits a DVD onto the mat, and gets a two count. Rhino sets up the table in the corner. Rhino on the top ropes, caught by Storm. Storm tries a superplex and hits it.

Out of nowhere Rhino Gores Storm through the propped up table and gets the 1..2..3. Your Winner: Rhino

No Surrender: Kaz vs. Robert Roode

Backstage, Kurt Angle is fuming. Kevin Nash is trying to calm him down. Karen Angle is saying that Sting slapped her. Nash said he only saw her slap Sting. Sting flies in and crashes Angle against the locker. Here comes Jim Cornette. He sends Sting to his hotel room. He also sends Karen Angle from the building. Kurt is upset and vocal against it. Cornette says that if she does not leave then Angle will go with her to the hotel and forfeit both of his remaining two matches. Karen starts to scream uncontrollably and leaves. Kurt buries his face in his hands and Nash tells him to straighten up, he’s got two matches to go.

The two lock up and roll around the ropes while locked. Referee breaks them and Roode shoves Kaz who shoves back. Roode with a kick to the gut and a clubbing blow to the back.

Roode with a whip, reversed by Kaz who telegraphs the back body drop, and Roode kicks Kaz in the face. Kaz now with a top wrist lock applied. Roode shoves him back into the corner. Roode tries a Fisherman’s Suplex but the rotate toward the ropes and Roode and Kaz end up toppling over the top ropes to the outside while hocked in the Fisherman’s Suplex. Outside, Ms. Brooks doesn’t know which man to check on because of her obvious feelings toward both. Outside Kaz is whipped to Ms. Brooks, Kaz slams on the breaks, but Roode charges him and shoulderblocks him into Ms. Brooks.

Back inside now, Roode chokes Kaz across the second rope. Roode backs up the referee, giving Ms. Brooks an opportunity to get a cheap shot in on Kaz, but she decides not to. Roode is upset with her and asks what her problem is. Roode sends Kaz into the turnbuckle headfirst.

Roode now hits a big clothesline, sending Kaz in a back flip. Legdrop by Roode and a two count for the pinfall attempt. He goes right to a blatant choke and the ref breaks them. Kaz trying to mount some offense but Roode counters with a spine buster and a two count.

Roode now pulls a small chain out from his tights. He winds up to swing but Kaz kicks them out of his hand. He tells Ms Brooks to go get them, and she reluctantly does. Kaz tries a crucifix pin and gets two. Roode sends Kaz into the ropes and he hits them face first. Kaz climbs the ropes and connects on a Missile Dropkick.

Kaz rolls over and gets a two count. Kaz on the ring apron now and leaps in for a springboard but Roode hits the ropes and Kaz falls tangled in the ropes. Ms. Brooks outside now drops the chain to the floor and kicks them under the ring. Roode goes outside to get the chain. Kaz now goes for a springboard and just before jumping. Roode turns around and pulls Ms Brooks in front of him. Kaz halts the move, then hits the ropes and hits a suicide dive over the top onto Roode. Kaz walks over to Ms Brooks and kisses her hand.

Back inside now, Kaz hits a springboard, back elbow on Roode. Kaz sent to the corner, and he slides out, then kicks Roode and hits a springboard DDT onto Roode and gets a two count.

Kaz sets up a reverse piledriver where he holds onto Roode’s legs as he is draped on Kaz’s back with head in between Kaz’s thighs, and drops to a seated position. GOOD NIGHT..Goes for the pin… ROODE KICKS OUT!!. Kaz and Roode on the top rope now. Kaz tries the Flux Capacitor, but its blocked. They exchange chops on the rope, and Kaz hits a top rope X-Factor and gets only two.

Kaz climbs the ropes and goes for a Legdrop, Roode rolls away, then hits the Payoff and scores the pinfall for the victory. Your Winner: Robert Roode

After the match, Roode tells Ms. Brooks to raise his hand and she reluctantly does. She stares at a fallen Kaz but Roode forces her to leave.


No Surrender: Kurt Angle [c] vs. Jay Lethal [X-Division Championship Match]

Bell rings and Angle takes Lethal down with an arm wrench. Lethal tips up and wrings the arm. Angle gets to the ropes and we break.

Lethal applies a side headlock and gets shot off to the ropes, shoulderblocks Angle down. Hits the ropes again and Angle hip tosses him.

Angle with a side headlock takeover. Angle to the ropes and hip tossed, Lethal hits a snap dropkick and climbs the ropes quickly, hits an axe handle smash and gets a two count. Now he delivers the rings. Angle whips Lethal to the corner. Lethal gets the boot up as Angle charges. Angle picks up Lethal in a powerbomb and launches him into the turnbuckle.

Angle with European uppercuts and forearms to Lethal. Now with kicks to the ribs of a fallen Lethal. Angle hits a snap suplex and a float over for a two count, a quick cover again and a two count.

Angle hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Lethal and a two count. Angle with a back suplex and a two count. Angle showing some frustration now. He applies a rear chinlock now.

Double clothesline now by Angle and Lethal. Both men are down for the count. Both men up now and Lethal hits a flying headscissors and follows it up with an ensiguri and a two count on Angle.

Lethal with punches now but Angle reverses into an overhead release full nelson suplex. Angle goes for an Angle Slam but Lethal reverses into a DDT. Two count for Lethal.

Lethal climbs the ropes but Angle springs up and climbs the ropes in one motion, then hits the belly to belly from the top. Two count for Angle. Angle now applies the Ankle Lock. Lethal rolls through, kicks Angle off and rolls him up. Two count. Angle hits a German Suplex on Lethal and he holds on. Then he hits the second and hangs on. Hits the third, and releases. Lethal kicks out of the pin attempt at two.

Angle calls for the Olympic Slam. Lethal counters with an arm drag and hits the Lethal Combination, but rather than going for the pin he climbs the ropes and hits the Flying Elbow Drop. 1…2…KICK OUT BY ANGLE!

Lethal with a look of disbelief on his face. Angle drills an elbow in to the back of the head of Lethal. Angle tries a powerbomb. Lethal rolls through and rolls up Angle. Two count for Lethal. Angle now hits a German Suplex and releases it. Both men down.

Angle takes the straps down and goes for the Olympic Slam, Lethal rolls through. Angle does too into the Ankle Lock. Lethal rolls through again into a pin..1….2….3! Your Winner: Jay Lethal

No Surrender: Black Reign vs. Chris Harris

Harris introduced first. Black reign second. Coming to the ring with the odd weapon of his, and Misty the rat. Black Reign puts down the cage with Misty in it outside the ring, when suddenly Harris leaps from the top rope to the outside onto Reign to start the match. We have a bell and we are inside now with Harris going to town on Black Reign.

Match takes to the outside where Harris sends Black Reign into the guardrail. Inside now and Black Reign sets up a Pedigree and hits it. Two count.

Reign hits a running jawbreaker and hits a two count on Harris. Harris in the corner now and Black Reign sits on the top turnbuckle, raises his hand to clock him but Harris tosses him to the mat instead.

Black Reign hits a modified swinging Neckbreaker. Reign gets his weapon now and winds up, but the referee pulls it away, when Harris rolls him up in a schoolboy and gets the three count for the victory. Your Winner: Chris Harris

After the match, Harris gets a pair of handcuffs, wraps it around his hands, and clocks Black Reign. Harris now goes to the outside where Reign is and cuffs him to the turnbuckle. Harris winds up with a chair and goes to click him but Reign gets the boot up and clocks him. Reign has the key to the cuffs and he frees himself. Black Reign then picks up the chair and clocks Harris. Reign gets Misty the rat and lets the rat walk all over Harris, and then leaves.


No Surrender: Tag Team Gauntlet Match for #1 Contendership

A.J. Styles is introduced first. Second is Christopher Daniels. They exchange blows to start. Styles to the ropes. Daniels springboards. Styles goes for a dropkick by Daniels hangs on to the ropes. AJ then follows up with the dropkick. Daniels hits a spinning powerbomb.

Next in is Homicide.

He hits a nice back suplex on Daniels and then hits an overhead release suplex on Styles.

Next in is Chris Sabin.

Sabin bulldogs Homicide, who now exchange blows. Daniels tries to get involved and he receives punches from Sabin and Homicide.

Next in is Havoc.

Havoc hits a bunch of nice offensive maneuvers on all of the competitors, until Sabin hit a springboard forearm on Havoc. Homicide tries a Gringo Killa on him but he gets free, and Homicide is eliminated.

Next in is Petey Williams.

Williams hits a Destroyer on Havoc. Sabin springboard DDT attempt on AJ, caught in air and AJ then shoots Sabin to the mat, eliminating him.

Next in is Brother D-Von.

D-Von cleans house. Flying Shoulder blocks on AJ and Daniels.

Next in is Jimmy Rave.

Rave chops his man. AJ now takes to Rave and tries a tilt-a-whirl on him but its reversed into an armbar.

Next in is Brother Ray.

Ray sends Havoc to D-Von who back body drops him to the outside. Havoc is eliminated. AJ chops Ray in the corner.

Next in is Raven.

Raven goes right to AJ and hits a Discus Clothesline. Daniels gets s snot rag in the face by Raven. Team 3D converge on Raven and eliminate him. Raven is eliminated.

Next in is Shark Boy.

Shark boy cleaning house, hits a knee on Rave and then goes for D-Von, who tosses him over the ropes but he slides back in. Shark Boy bites the behind of D-Von. Brother Ray grabs Shark Boy and eliminates him. Shark Boy is eliminated.

Next in is Sonjay Dutt.

Dutt runs in and hits a springboard back plancha on a few men. Petey Williams and Jimmy Rave are eliminated by Team 3D.

Next in is B.G. James.

B.G. goes right for Brother Ray.

Next in is Hernandez.

He takes it to everyone in sight with shoulderblocks. Sonjay gets Crackerjacked. AJ hen gets hoisted up for a Border Toss, he wriggles free but gets clotheslined out of his boots.

Next in is Tomko.

D-Von and Ray get eliminated. Tomko and Hernandez stare down in the middle of the ring and are attacked from behind simultaneously by Daniels and Styles.

Next in is Elix Skipper.

Skipper goes right for Tomko who was working on Daniels.

Next in is Alex Shelley.

He spits in Sonjay Dutt’s face who is overselling by flopping around the mat. Shelley puts him in a tree of woe and stomps on the jewels. Shelley tosses out B.G. James. Shelley hits a back kick on Daniels.

Next in Lance Hoyt.

Hoyt goes right for Dutt, then chokeslams Daniels. Skipper goes after Hoyt, but gets Chokeslammed to the outside for his troubles. Looks like Skipper crashed his head on the apron as he went down. He fell very awkwardly.

Next in is Kip James.

Dutt gets eliminated by Kip James. Hernandez Stinger Splashes Daniels.

Last in is Eric Young.

Young headlocks Shelley. He then applies it on Hoyt instead. He then applies it to Kip James. James reverses out with a back body drop though. Tomko and Hernandez now stare down in the middle of the ring again. Hernandez double leg lifts Tomko and places him on the turnbuckle but AJ saves him. Hernandez backpedals and charges Tomko who back body drops him out of the ring. Eric Young then tosses Tomko outside the ring. Hoy is near the ropes and Kip James dropkicks him out to elimination. Daniels has a headlock on James. James atomic drops him over the ropes but he hangs on and both Christopher Daniels and Kip James are eliminated.

Eric Young, AJ Styles, and Alex Shelley are the final three. Young tries to clothesline each man out. Goes to one corner then runs to the other and again and again til he is lifted up and over to the apron. Young is tossed out and eliminated. Now Chris Sabin and Tomko will rejoin the match for a tag team bout.

Tomko is double teamed by Shelley and Sabin who complete an amazing bang bang combination series. Sabin gets Tomko n the corner and hits a flying elbow. Shelley with a kick of the back of Tomko. Sabin goes for a pin, kick out at one. Shelley tries, kick out at one, Sabin goes for it again, kick out at one. Sabin tries a clothesline, doesn’t budge Tomko. Shelley tries, same result. Tomko tags in Styles. AJ hits a back flip in to a reverses DDT on Shelley. Styles and Sabin the legal men now. Shelley hits a Frogsplash on AJ and then suicide dives outside onto Tomko. Sabin tries to big boot AJ, but its caught and AJ hits the Pelle. Amazingly fast paced action. Roll through Sabin holds the tights for the pin attempt. 1…2…roll through…AJ now holds the tights…1…2…3! Your Winners: A.J. Styles & Tomko


No Surrender: Samoa Joe vs. Christian Cage

Cage introduced first. Joe introduced next.

Joe hits the ring quickly and the bell rings. Joe hits a flying kick to the head. He delivers standing kicks to the body of Cage now.

Cage fights back, but it is not enough. Joe face washes Cage a few times with his boot. He rolls outside and picks up Cage with his legs straddling his head. Joe swings him around into the guardrail. They battle up the ramp now.

Back in the ring now and Cage misses a dropkick attempt. Joe chops Cage in the back and then kicks him in the face and gets a two count. Cage rolls outside and Joe hits a suicide dive elbow smash.

Cage with the upper hand now and he unleashes a fury of chops, and kicks, and punches. Sends Joe to the ropes and dropkicks him. Cage applies a rear chinlock to slow the pace.

Joe goes for a Senton Backsplash but Cage gets his knees up and quickly tries for a pin and only gets two. Cage goes for a running face wash of a fallen Joe but its blocked. Cage charges Joe in the corner again, but Joe catches Cage with one arm and slams him down. Both men fall to the mat.

Joe up and he discus punches Cage. Joe hits a Death Valley Driver with a float over into a pin and gets two. Joe charges Cage who drop toeholds Joe across the second rope. He stands on Joe’s back to choke him and referee breaks it. Joe with a flurry of power, hitting a kick, and a Senton Back Drop and a two count. Joe tries to slap on the Rear Naked Choke but Cage turns it into an Unprettier, as he turns Joe gets free. Joe applies the STF now.

Cage screams in agony. Joe rolls backward, now his own shoulders are down and the referee starts to count. Joe relinquishes the hold. Joe sets up the Muscle Buster. Cage wriggles free, and hits the ropes. Joe hits a snap powerslam and gets a two count.

Joe on the ropes. Cage as well. Joe tries to set up a Samoan Drop. Cage quickly walks the ropes and hits an inverted DDT from the top. He immediately goes for the pin and gets two.

Cage now calling Joe to get up, he tries to hit the Unprettier. Joe gets out and slaps on the Rear Naked Choke. Joe falls back and Cage rolls through so that Joe’s shoulders are pinned. Cage gets his legs on the ropes and the ref breaks the count at two.. Joe re-applies and Cage gets to the ropes for the break. Joe won’t let the hold go. Referee pulls him by the hair to get him off. Joe then DVDs the referee. Joe now hits a Muscle Buster and starts punching Cage but here comes security one by one. Joe cleans house. Another referee comes out and calls for the bell. Security team members keep coming and getting victimized by Joe. Your Winner by disqualification: Christian Cage

After the match, X-Division stars come out to try and stop Joe but he tosses them out of the ring. Joe wraps Cage’s shirt and wraps it around his neck, choking him, and then hanging him over the ropes. Jim Cornette comes out with Matt Morgan who pulls Joe off.

Cornette trying to talk sense into Joe, who has his eyes locked on Morgan. Joe flips the finger at Morgan and then at Cornette. Cornette and Morgan leave.


No Surrender: Kurt Angle [c] vs. Abyss [TNA World Championship Match]

Abyss introduced first. Angle introduced next.

We have our standard, in-ring, main event introductions. Angle prepares by dropping to one knee. He arises and we circle and lock up. Abyss pushes Angle back into the corner and we break.

Angle rolls out to the outside of the ring. He breaks and re-enters. Angle goes for a single leg takedown now and applies a front chancery. Abyss gets to his feet and picks up Angle and plants him on the turnbuckle. Referee breaks and Abyss just pats Angle on the head and backs off for the break. Angle is upset with the mind games.

Angle tries to run, but Abyss grabs his straps and Angle goes nowhere. Abyss sends him to the ropes and hits a face plant, then clotheslines him over the ropes to the outside.

Abyss sends Angle into the steel steps. Back inside the ring now and Angle takes out Abyss by the legs with a chop block. Angle lays Abyss’ leg across the bottom rope and he leaps up and lands on the leg. Angle works on the leg of Abyss and against chop blocks him.

Angle scissors Abyss’ leg now. Abyss trying to battle back but Angle takes him down with a chop block again.

Angle wrenches the leg now. Abyss on his knees and Angle up now and as soon as Abyss gets to both feet, he gets chop blocked by Kurt.

Abyss now up and he hits a spinebuster on Angle and goes for a pin but gets only two. Angle charges Abyss and Abyss moves. Angle meets the turnbuckle post. Abyss hits Shock Treatment on Angle an only gets a two count.

Abyss applies the Choke for the Chokeslam. Lifts, an Angle rolls through and rolls him up for a two count. Abyss up now and he knees Angle. Angle German Suplexes Abyss. Angle takes down the straps now. Angle connects on the Olympic Slam and only gets a two count.

Angle applies the Ankle Lock now. Abyss rolls over and kicks him off. Abyss hits the Chokeslam. Goes for the pin and gets two.

Angle walks into an Abyss suplex. Angle floats over, hits the ropes and chop blocks Abyss. Angle climbs the ropes and hits a Moonsault a long way across the ring and connects on it. Angle grapevines the left knee of Abyss.

Angle is trying to tae the left boot of Abyss off to expose the ankle. He gets it off and now goes to work on the Ankle of Abyss. Angle now mounts Abyss and pummels him.

Angle climbs the ropes for a knee drop but Abyss reaches up and catches him in a choke. Angle hits the ropes and Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam. Two count only for Abyss.

Angle applies the Ankle Lock now, on the exposed left ankle of Abyss. Abyss reaches for the ropes but Angle drags him back toward the canter of the ring.

Angle applies the lock for a good minute or two when suddenly the referee calls for the bell. Apparently Abyss gave up. Kurt Angle somewhat abruptly wins. Your Winner: Kurt Angle

After the match, Angle leaves up the aisle. The lights go out and on the screen comes James Vandenberg. He says that he promises to take Abyss straight to hell with him. Suddenly up from the ring comes a sharp object cutting through the ring mat. A hand pulls Abyss down into the ring base and he gets yanked into the ring. Out of the hole comes smoke. No Surrender goes off the air without the debut of a “former world champion” rumor being addressed.