Flair Denies Quitting WWE, Murdoch & Cade Win Back Titles, Chair Moments

source: PWInsider.com

-- Ric Flair was on local sports talk show "Prime Time with The Packman" this past Friday on WFNZ in Charlotte. He said he is in the process of opening a new business in Charlotte called 'Ric Flair Finance'. Flair, who had called in to discuss a recent college football win by Appalachian State, was asked about whether he had quit the company and responded, "It's not true. What would WWE do without me?" and began laughing. He promised he would discuss the WWE situation later this week when he would be in studio as a co-host for the show. There have been some disagreements between Flair and WWE over how he's been presented by the company, but the two sides have been speaking amicably towards a resolution. Flair is still under contract to WWE.

-- WWE.com has finally acknowledged the tag team title switches that occurred during the Raw brand's tour of South Africa. Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch for the gold at the tour's first stop in Cape Town. However, the title reign didn't last very long as Cade & Murdoch reclaimed the titles last night during the final night of the tour. Click here for the WWE.com article on the tag team title switches.

-- WWE.com has posted up an article online regarding famous chair incidents in pro wrestling including Mick Foley's fall through the Hell in the Cell at King of the Ring '98 in which he landed on a chair, the ECW chair throwing incident, The Rock vs. Mankind "I Quit" Match in which Rock strikes Mankind several times with a chair (with his wife and children at ringside no less), Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka, etc. You can read the article at this link.

See a photo of London & Kendrick with the tag team titles (>>)