Cena Fires Back At CNN: "Absolutely Not" To Steroids

Earlier this week, CNN ran "Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling". The 1-hour special focused on the darker side of the industry and really emphasized the alarming number of wrestlers who get caught up in the destructive spiral of steroids, pills, booze and death.

WWE is now taking a stand against what they are calling CNN's "biased, if not illegal, point of view".

John Cena was interviewed by CNN for the piece and was asked whether he has taken steroids in WWE. Cena said he hates this question and then said, "I can't say I never did them, but you can never prove I did."

That sounds like a guilty man talking. From the footage of Cena's reaction that CNN aired, one might get the impression that Cena HAS taken steroids - but he was so good at beating the system that he'd never get caught.

WWE has now released their own unedited video footage of Cena's CNN interview. After seeing the unedited interview, it is black and white: Cena's comments were taken completely out of context. Cena stated flat out: "I have never taken steroids". He said he's been accused of taking steroids since he's 17 years old but has NEVER taken them. He works his ass of every single day in the gym and has been naturally gifted with a muscular physique. Cena's full explaination was never shown.

The following statement is from WWE.com:

Cena: Steroids? "Absolutely not"

In a country in which the news media is highly suspect, and the quality of unbiased reporting has been thrown into the trash can, CNN has stooped to new depths. Notwithstanding the fairness, or lack therein, of CNN’s recent piece entitled “Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling,” perhaps the best example of how CNN misrepresents and unfairly presents their biased, if not illegal, point of view. CNN’s depiction of John Cena as it relates to steroids is not only professionally and morally wrong, but damaging to his character.

Watch CNN's Version and then the UNEDITED Interview!