New Clue For Sting's Mystery Partner

Source: TNA Mobile

TNA Wrestling sound out a text message alert this weekend to its TNA Mobile subscribers.

Inside was a new clue about the identity of Sting's mystery partner for tonight's GENESIS PPV main event. The new clue is that the mystery man has never stepped foot inside a TNA ring.

TNA is also telling fans to look closely at the "11t11n07a" puzzle" for more clues on Sting's mystery partner. For those who haven't seen it, TNA has set up a hidden website that contains a puzzle for fans to solve. Once the puzzle is solved, the solution reveals a picture of a brick wall. The brick wall has a number of TNA-related words and numbers spray painted on it. The name "HUFFMAN" is painted on the wall backwards. Many believe this to be proof that Booker T will be Sting's mystery partner - sicne Huffman is Booker T's last name.

Booker T has never wrestled in a TNA ring so he seems to fit both clues. We will find out tonight at GENESIS!

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