Changes To Wellness Policy, Why Can't Snitsky Find Competition?, Chris Masters

partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

-- An updated WWE Wellness Policy is expected to be released soon. The revised policy would theoretically close some of the loopholes in the program. There will be some changes made to the policy besides having provisions for marijuana being tested and that all names of failures will be listed on the company's website. Regarding that, the hope is that the threat of names being publicly released will scare them into not violating the policy due to the embarrassment it causes. They are also doing this because the belief is that the wire services and national media -- not just the wrestling media -- will write about the drug failures, which would be a huge deterrent to test failing. The drug suspensions of Harry "DH" Smith & Chris Masters got national coverage last week as it made the AP wires and even got a mention during a Fox News broadcast.

-- Speaking of Chris Masters, removed his profile & WWE Mobile page from the site over the weekend.

-- WWE's official website has posted an interesting kayfabe article asking why Snitsky can't find any competition on the Raw brand. They presume that perhaps the upper echelon of WWE Superstars are scared of him. They also concede that Snitsky has been MIA on Raw for the most part since his move from ECW and that he usually appears on's Heat, terrorizing up-and-comers. The article states that he is the only WWE star that has yet to be pinned in 2007. You can read the article at this link.

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