WWE Signs 2007 Diva Search Finalist To Contract; Expected To Start In ECW

WWE has signed 2007 Diva Search contestant Lena Yada to a contract. They offered her a deal at the Raw at the Staples Center this past Monday, which she accepted. She is set to be the new backstage interviewer on ECW. Yada revealed all this in a bulletin she sent out on her MySpace page (myspace.com/lenayada).

WWE originally wanted her to start training in Tampa, FL at the FCW developmental territory but Lena had to turn the offer down because her father is on his last stretch of an incurable fatal lung disease. Regarding this, Yada wrote: "I moved my father in with me 2 months ago. He is in his last stretch of an incurable fatal lung disease. I am taking care of him until a pair of lungs become available for a double lung transplant. Until then, he is on 24 hour oxygen. While I would be able to leave for short periods of time, I couldn't possibly spend 6-8 months away nor provide the financial support for a caretaker, rent, medical bills, and such. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices for what's more important. I could never forgive myself if something were to happen to him if I were away. So, with a heavy heart I declined their offer. My family is more important."

After she turned down their first offer, WWE came back to her the next day with a different offer, that being the new backstage interviewer on ECW. Lena is expected to make the trip down to Tampa to begin training in the ring. She is currently training at a local gym learning how to take some simple bumps and such. The deals are being finalized now, but look for her to make her ECW debut within the next month.

Yada finished in third place in the 2007 Diva Search competition.

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