AEW Collision Results (9/30/2023): Climate Pledge Arena, Seattle, WA.

This week's AEW Collision is in the books.

Featured below courtesy of Mike Malkasian and, are complete results of the show from the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, WA.

Match #1. Juice Robinson w/ The Ass Boys vs. Andrade El Idolo
Robinson stalls but walks into the Three Amigos. Juice rolls to the outside as Andrade goes up top and moonsaults on everyone. Behind the referee’s back, Colten Gunn throws Andrade through the announcer’s table. Hot shot on the apron by Juice. Neckbreaker by Juice back inside the ring. Andrade reverses an Irish whip and clotheslines Juice in the corner before mounting. Ten punches in the corner but Juice hits snake eyes on the top turnbuckle. Cannonball in the corner by Juice and a snap suplex. Frog splash by Juice gets a two count. Snap mare and a chin lock throughout the commercial break. Back suplex by Juice a leg lariat gets a two count. Andrade ducks a right hand and sends Juice into the middle buckle with a Complete Shot. Andrade charges with double knees but Juice pulls the referee in front of him and pokes Andrade in the eye. Huge falling powerbomb by Juice gets a long two. Diving crossbody by Juice but Andrade rolls through for a two count. Running knees in the corner by Andrade! Andrade looks for the figure four but The Gunn’s provide the distraction. The Gunn’s get ejected but Juice rolls Andrade up for two. Juice misses a leg lariat and connects with the step through spinning back elbow for a two count. Hammerlock DDT by Andrade finishes this one.

Winner: Andrade El Idolo

Omega and Jericho are with Tony Schiavone. They don’t like each other, but they need to work together to take on the Don Callis Family.

Match #2. Best Friends vs. The Kingdom
Kingdom looks for double piledrivers early (punch them in the weiner and piledrive them), but Best Friends escape and get to take their jackets off. Double shoulder block to Bennett. Back suplex by Chuck get two. Rolling elbow by Bennett and a missile dropkick off the middle rope by Taven gets two. Bennett pulls Chuck outside and that allows Taven to hit a baseball slide. Huge plancha by Trent to Taven, but Bennett throws Trent into the guard rail and hits a drop toe hold on Chuck into a chair at ringside. Back in the ring, Taven hits a diving spinning neckbreaker on Chuck as we go to commercial break. Trent with a German to Bennett and a half-and-half to Taven as we get back from break. Double dropkick by Trent off the top taking out both men. Quick enziguiri by Taven but Chuck hits Soul Food through the ropes, hurting his back in the process. Swinging DDT by Trent. Back suplex by Bennett and Just the Tip by Taven. Two count. Chuck throws Taven into the steel steps on the outside but Bennett responds with the Boston Bayonet. Bennett looks for a piledriver on the steel steps but Trent reverses into a Death Valley Driver! Back in the ring, Best Friends connect with a Doomsday Device Knee. YA GOT TO GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT. Double piledrivers by Best Friends! One, two, NO! Bennett gets his foot on the bottom rope! Chuck goes up top but Taven tosses him to the floor. Behind the referee’s back, weiner punch by Bennett to Trent! To Chuck! Spike piledriver and this one is over!

Winner: The Kingdom

The Kingdom take the mic. Taven says Cole needs to get to Roddy’s house right now.

Match #3. Julia Hart w/ Brody King vs. Vertvixen
Take down and ground and pound by Hart to start. Hart now chokes Vertvixen over the middle rope and connects with a handspring into a clothesline in the corner. PK to the back by Hart. Two count. Vertvixen runs into a superkick but follows up with some elbows of her own. Hart with a pair of boots and the moonsault finishes this one.

Winner: Julia Hart

Hart takes the mic and calls out Kris Statlander right now, and here’s Statlander, with Rocky, Trent, and Chuck. Hart sends Brody out of the ring as Statlander sends Best Friends to the floor. Hart leaves the ring. Statlander says Hart can run now, but the clock is ticking and tomorrow night at WrestleDream, her time is up.

Caudio Castagnoli says there’s a challenge open for tomorrow night at WrestleDream…

Josh Barnett is here to accept! The WarMaster himself. Doesn’t matter the field of combat, Josh Barnett will be there.

Match #4. Kenny Omega & Chris Jericho vs. The Gates of Agony w/ Prince Nana
Crowd is hyped for this as Jericho lays chops into Toa’s chest. Toa doesn’t care and gets squashed in the corner before a clothesline from Kaun. Omega gets the tag and comes off the top with a diving crossbody. Suplex by Toa but Jericho makes the save and it’s a double suplex to Toa. Double shoulder block to Toa. Double sledge to Toa and Omega hits the ropes for the V-Trigger but Prince Nana trips him up, allowing Toa to pounce Omega into Jericho and onto the floor. Back suplex by Toa gets two. Lung blower by Kaun from the middle rope as he holds on to Jericho and Toa comes in with twisting diving elbow drop. Omega is in trouble throughout the break, at the Gates of Agony make quick tags and isolate Omega in their corner. Omega hurricanranas Kaun and tags in Jericho. Jericho with double sledges to everyone and an elbow drop from the top rope. Lionsault to Kaun! Toa from behind and he levels Jericho. Fireman’s carry into a gut buster by Kaun for two. Toa misses a charge to Jericho in the corner and Jericho connects with the double jump dropkick. V-Trigger by Omega to Kaun! Terminator dive to Toa! Jericho locks Kaun in the Walls of Jericho and he taps!

Winners: Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega

Omega says it’s time for the original Alpha and Omega to spell the end of Don Callis. Jericho says Sammy Guevara is the true Judas, and he’s going to take care of that little bastard.

Match #5. The Righteous vs. Judas Icarus & Travis Williams
Dropkick by Williams to Vincent, but Vincent runs through Icarus. Dutch gets tagged and chops Icarus in half. Dutch throws Icarus into a knee and then a pair a short-arm clothesline. Sliding Complete Shot to Icarus. Bossman Slam to Williams. Assisted Sliced Bread and this one is over.

Winners: The Righteous

Vincent grabs the mic and calls out MJF and the fans, before deciding to “Misery” Icarus by breaking his ankle.

Jim Ross and Zack Sabre Jr. join the commentary table ahead of our main event.

Match #6. Ricky Starks, Big Bill, & Aussie Open vs. FTR, Bryan Danielson, & Wheeler Yuta
Yuta and Fletcher start as both men trade chops and Yuta dropkicks him. Dax gets a tag and so does Mark Davis. Chop-off and a German suplex by Davis. Dax rolls to the outside and gets stomped on by everyone. Referee regains control as Big Bill beats on Dax before we go to commercial break. Back from commercial and Cash gets a hot tag and back suplexes Fletcher. O’Connor roll by Cash and a dropkick to Bill, but Cash walks into a big body slam by Fletcher. Yuta tags himself in and comes off the top with a diving crossbody. Rebound by Yuta into a bridging German suplex for two. Hammer and anvil elbows by Yuta to Starks but Bill breaks it up. Huge big boot by Bill and Fletcher covers him for two. Wheeler can’t get the tag as Bill tags in Fletcher, who clears the apron on Wheeler’s side. Back suplex into a sit-out powerbomb by Aussie Open! One, two, no! Starks goes old school after the tag and then drops Yuta with a back suplex for two. Quick tags now as Davis puts the boots to Wheeler, before tagging Big Bill. Starks back in now as both men are down after a double cross body. Danielson gets the hot tag! Danielson cleans the apron and lays into Starks with round house kicks and chops. Up and over by Danielson and a suicide dive to the outside. Starks rolls in the ring and Danielson comes off the top with a shotgun dropkick. Running boots in the corner to Starks. Bill is in with a chokeslam but Danielson counters to the Lebell Lock. Bill breaks free. Brainbuster by Dax. DDT to Davis by Cash. Superkick by Yuta to Starks. Yes kicks by FTR, Wheeler, and Danielson. Doomsday dropkick to Big Bill. Two count. The fight spills to the outside as Starks sends Danielson into the steel steps. Fletcher gets his head bounced off the guard rail by Yuta. Dax and Bill are legal as Dax lays in some hard rights. Big Bill misses a splash and hits ring post! Dax looks for the Sharpshooter but Bill throws him off. Chokeslam by Bill and a spear by Starks mid-air! One, two three!

Winners: Ricky Starks, Big Bill & Aussie Open

The fight erupts as everyone spills to the outside. Busaiku Knee to Big Bill and Danielson calls ZSJ into the ring! ZSJ claps Danielson and asks for one on the chin. Danielson delivers. Danielson looks for the Lebell Lock but ZSJ escapes and rolls to the outside.