AEW Commentator Recalls Naming Top Star's Finishing Maneuver During ALL OUT PPV

On the latest episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, play-by-play commentator Excalibur recalls company President Tony Khan telling him to find a name for PAC's submission finisher during his ALL OUT pay per view matchup against Kenny Omega. Excalibur says he called it the Brutalizer on the spot, considering he was told a mere 30-seconds before it happened.

During PAC and [Kenny] Omega at All Out, Tony Khan … one of the few times he got in my ear, he’s like ‘Hey, think of a name for PAC’s finisher.’ And this is 30 seconds before it happened. I just blurted out Brutalizer,” he explained. “So that was one that I named. It was just on the spot and something that I had to come up with.”

Check out Excalibur's full interview below, where he mentions that 99% of the moves he calls already has a name. (H/T and transcribed by Pro Wrestling Sheet)