AEW Dark: Elevation Recap: Three Trio's Bouts Contested, Ruby Soho In Singles Action

It’s back!

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Rajah.Com recap of AEW Dark: Elevation.

This week’s episode of Dark:Elevation features six solid matchups, so let’s get down to business!

AEW Dark: Elevation (11/15)

⁃ Tony Schiavone, Mark Henry, and Paul Wight welcome the viewers to Indianapolis, Indiania, and the Gunn Club is the first group out.

Gunn Club vs Nasty Russ, T Money & Sean Cooke

Billy Gunn kicks off the match with Sean Cooke, and he immediately slaps fire from the face off Cooke. Billy tags in Austin Gunn, who handles business with Nasty Russ, and tags in Colton Gunn. Colton whips Russ into the corner, who drops all of Gunn Club, and tags in T-Money. The big man enters the match with a head of steam, and immediately takes a big slam from Austin. Gunn makes the hot tag to Billy, who puts T-Money away with the Fame-asser for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Gunn Club

-Paul Wight plugs Jon Moxley’s new book, and Ruby Soho enters the arena for women’s division action.

Ruby Soho vs Charlie Krewl

The timekeeper rings the bell, and both ladies shake hands. Charlie fools Ruby, and catches Soho with a kick to the midsection, but Ruby quickly shakes it off. Ruby controls the match with a simple wrist lock, and makes it back to a vertical base, where Charlie turns the tables with an Irish whip. Both women fight into the corner, where Ruby uses her knees for a unique offensive maneuver, and follows up with a back elbow. Ruby continues to dominate the match, and nails No Future for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Ruby Soho

-On the other side of an ad break, Andrade El Idolo enters the arena for singles action.

Andrade El Idolo vs Lorde Crew

Once the bell rings, both men size each other up. Andrade begins the match cautiously, then rocks Crew with a thunderous elbow. Andrade applies a tight side headlock on Lorde, and keeps a wide base, then runs the ropes for a shoulder tackle. Both men tie up again, and Crew drives Andrade into the corner, then unleashes a vicious assault on Andrade. The referee forces Lorde to back away, so Crew takes a moment to be proud of himself, and gets caught with a big running boot from El Idolo. Andrade signals for the end of the match, and stomps a mud hole in the corner on Crew, then puts Lorde away with the El Idolo for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Andrade El Idolo

-After a quick rundown of the next matchup, Nyla Rose and Co. hit the ramp for Trio’s action.

Nyla Rose, The Bunny & Emi Sakura vs Riho, Skye Blue & Ryo Mizunami

Riho begins the bout against Emi Sakura, and both women exchange offensive maneuvers right away. Riho makes a tag to Skye Blue, who sets up for a double team maneuver on Sakura, and lands consecutive strikes to the body of Emi. Blue tags in Riho, and the face trio set up for a triple team move on Sakura, which is just unfair. The ring clears, and Emi battles it out with Riho, until Riho takes a moment to pose for a picture. After the photo, Emi turns the tables on Riho, and tags in The Bunny. Riho quickly fights off The Bunny, and tags in Mizunami, who hits a big spear right away. Ryo throws consecutive chops in the corner of the ring, and whips The Bunny into the corner, then follows up with a big splash. Ryo makes the cover, but The Bunny gets the shoulder up just in time, and the match continues. Skye Blue makes a blind tag, and Riho drapes The Bunny over the ropes for a spin kick, flooring The Bunny in the process. Sakura blasts Riho off of the apron, and Skye Blue goes toe to toe with Nyla Rose in the ring. Skye and Nyla trade blows, until Skye heads to the top rope. Blue fly’s down with a hurricanrana attempt, and gets caught by Rose, who slams Skye into the mat with a thunderous sit out powerbomb for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Nyla Rose, The Bunny & Emi Sakura

The Blade, Isiah Kassidy & Matt Hardy vs Evil Uno, Stu Grayson and Alan “5” Angels

The referee signals for the match to begin, and Isiah Kassidy ties up with “5.” Kassidy and Angels trade arm drag takedowns, until Alan drops Kassidy with a kick to the jaw. Stu Grayson tags in, and immediately tags Evil Uno, as the Dark Order show off excellent team work. Matt Hardy tags in, and ties up with Evil Uno, then misfires on a shoulder tackle. Uno drops Hardy with a shoulder tackle, and takes his eye off the ball for a moment, allowing Hardy to take advantage. The Blade tags in, as Uno tags in Stu Grayson, and both men exchange hard shots right away. The Blade quickly gains the advantage with a pair of high knee strikes, until Stu Grayson switches gears, and lands a big boot in the corner. The Hardy Family Office rips the feet of Grayson out from under him, and Kassidy makes the tag into the match. Isaiah picks up the pieces in the ring, and hits a hurricanrana, followed by a running lariat. Kassidy tags in Hardy, who continues to keep Grayson away from his corner, until Stu tries to fire up. Matt stops the comeback quickly, and sets up for The Leach, but Grayson spins out of it! Stu drops Hardy, and makes the tag to Evil Uno, who cleans house! Uno hits a cutter on Hardy, and floors Kassidy, as well as The Blade. The match completely breaks down, and the action is all over the ring, until all of Dark Order hits an aerial move on the HFO. Dark Order triple teams The Blade, and the match begins to get hectic again, until things settle back down with Angels and Kassidy in the ring. Alan hits a standing Spanish fly on Kassidy, and makes the cover, but Isaiah reverses the pressure for a rollup, as well as the victory.

Winners: The Blade, Isiah Kassidy & Matt Hardy

John Silver vs QT Marshall

The main-event bell sounds, and this should be a fun one! QT Marshall steps outside of the ring to grab a microphone, and he runs down Silver, while the crowd makes it rain boo’s. QT climbs back into the ring, and is immediately taken by Silver, who flexes his muscles for the audience. QT tries to regroup, and lands a few strikes, before taking his eyes off of his opponent. Silver hits an armdrag, followed by a spinning back elbow, and looks to follow up. QT blocks the attempt, and hoists Silver into the air, then plants him on the top rope. After a unique offensive maneuver by Marshall, QT tries a cover, but he doesn’t hook the leg of Silver. QT continues to brutalize Silver with a back breaker, and makes another cover for a very close near fall. Marshall sets up for a splash in the corner, but he takes to long, and gets caught with a slap to the chest from Silver. John follows up with a HUGE back body drop on QT, and poses for the hard camera, then gets back to work. Silver hits a sit out power bomb, and makes the cover, but Marshall kicks out on instinct. QT makes it back to his feet, and tries a desperate rollup, but he misfires on the attempt. John capitalizes on the mistake, and hits a pair of kicks, then runs the ropes! Sliver springs off of the rope, and runs right into a stiff elbow shot from QT, followed by a thunderous slam for the 1-2-NO! Silver somehow gets a shoulder up, and QT signals for the end.. Marshall misses the Diamond Cutter, and Silver hits a backstabber for yet another nearfall! Silver immediately sets up for the Spin Doctor, and nails it for the 1-2-3.

Winner: John Silver

That’s all for this week’s edition of AEW Dark: Elevation! Now it’s time to hand out a pair of awards.

“All Elite” Performer of the Night: John Silver

Match of the Night: The Blade, Isiah Kassidy & Matt Hardy vs Evil Uno, Stu Grayson and Alan “5” Angels