AEW Dark: Elevation Recap: Tony Nese, Emi Sakura, More In Action

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Rajah.Com recap of AEW Dark: Elevation.

Episode 41 of AEW Dark: Elevation featured 7 matches, including the likes of Thunder Rosa, Anthony Ogogo, and more. Check it out:

AEW Dark: Elevation

-Tony Schiavone welcomes all of the viewers onboard, and introduces his broadcast colleagues, Eddie Kingston and Mark Henry.
-Thunder Rosa makes her way down to the ring, and the first match is up next.

Thunder Rosa vs. Gabby Ortiz

The referee calls for the opening match bell, and Rosa takes Ortiz to the mat right away. Rosa grabs a few submission holds, and controls the early portion of the match, until Gabby catches Thunder with a hard shot. Rosa returns the favor, and spikes Gabby with a driver variation for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

-After the match: Tony Schiavone has a word with Thunder Rosa, until Smart Mark Sterling, as well as Jade Cardgill interjects. Cardgill and Rosa will square off later this week, during AEW Dynamite.

Kris Statlander & Red Velvet vs. Tina San Antonio & Nikii Duke

Red Velvet kicks off the bout with Duke, and both women tie up right away. Velvet tosses Duke into the corner, and looks to follow up, but runs straight into an elbow strike. Tina tags in, and goes to work on Velvet in the corner, then tags in Duke for a double team maneuver. Red Velvet fights off both ladies, and tags in Statlander, who throws Velvet onto Tina! Kris nails Tina with a sit out floor buster, and follows up with a big kick, then hooks the leg for a cover. Duke makes the save, but Statlander and Red Velvet keep their momentum going with a huge spear from Velvet onto Duke! Statlander and Velvet both blast Duke with spin kicks, and Kris puts Duke away with the Big Bang Theory for the victory.

Winner: Red Velvet & Kris Statlander

-After a plug for this Saturday’s Battle of the Belts, its time for another match.

Gunn Club vs. Joey Sweets, Zack Tomlinson, & Antonio Zambrano

Colton Gunn and Tomlinson tie up to begin the match, and Tomlinson drives Gunn into the corner. Colton whips Tomlinson into the opposite corner, allowing Sweets to tag in, who immediately gets dropped by a straight right hand. Billy Gunn tags in, and goes to work on Sweets in the corner, then sets up for a suplex. Sweets blocks the attempt, but Gunn quickly turns the tables with a slam, then tags in Austin. Austin Gunn receives boo’s from the crowd, and tags Billy back in, who gets a big pop. Zambrano tags in on the opposite side, and Billy sets up for the Fame-Asser. Gunn hits the ropes, and tags in Austin, who takes Zambrano down with a Fame-Asser for the win.

Winner: Gunn Club

Emi Sakura vs. Notorious Mimi

Emi and Notorious exchange words, until Sakura unleashes an assault on Mimi. Emi nails multiple strikes, and drops Mimi with an innovative swinging neck breaker, then drives Notorious into the corner. Sakura follows up with a splash, then whips Mimi into the opposite corner. Emi looks to hit another splash on Mimi, but Notorious moves, and capitalizes on the miss with a rollup. Sakura kicks out just in time, and Mimi tries to stay on the gas, but Sakura is having none of it. Emi blasts Mimi with a sit out backbreaker, and locks on a gruesome submission hold, until Notorious breaks free. Sakura runs the ropes, and heads straight into a sidewalk slam from Mimi, who hooks the leg of Sakura for a cover. Emi kicks out, so Mimi loads up a leg drop, and nails it! Emi once again kicks out of a cover attempt, and Emi’s assistant gets involved on the apron, allowing Sakura to rollup Mimi for the win.

Winner: Emi Sakura

Anthony Ogogo vs. Jaden Valo

Ogogo jumps out of the gate with a shot to the midsection of Valo, and follows up with a massive Olympic Slam for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Anthony Ogogo

Santana & Ortiz vs. Mike Verna & Anthony Gangone

Santana & Ortiz get things going at a rapid pace, and both men quickly handle Verna in the center of the ring. Gangone enters the bout, and gets in a cheap shot, then makes a tag. Gangone and Verna set up for a double team move, but Ortiz ducks, and tags in Santana. Santana easily handles both men, and sends Verna for a ride with a big back body drop. Santana and Ortiz follow up with a double team cutter, and put Verna away for the victory.

Winner: Santana & Ortiz

-Once Santana & Ortiz exit the arena, “The Premier Athlete” makes his way down the ramp, and it’s time for the main event!

Tony Nese vs. Alex Reynolds

Nese blasts Reynolds with a cheap shot before the bell, and goes on the attack, until the match officially begins. Reynolds slides to the outside, and heads to the top rope, then nails Nese with a crossbody. Alex follows up with a pin, and Nese kicks out, then goes into the ropes. The referee calls for a break, allowing Nese to charge out of the ropes with a thunderous big boot. Nese continues to mount offense with strikes, then follows up with a submission hold. Nese cranks the neck and back of Reynolds, then drives Alex into the corner, where Tony misses a splash. Alex capitalizes with a rollup, and nearly steals the win, but Nese powers out. Alex heats up with a back elbow, and follows up with a drop kick, as well as a hard right hand. Reynolds finishes off the attack with a gut buster, and hooks the leg for a cover, but Nese is still in it. Reynolds tries to hit a release German Suplex, and Nese lands on his feet! An exchange breaks out, until Reynolds takes a trip to the top rope, then leaps off with a moonsault. Nese gets his knees up, and ragdolls Reynolds into the corner, where Tony hits the Running Nese for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Tony Nese

That’s all for this week’s episode of AEW Dark: Elevation. Now it’s time to hand out a pair of awards:

“All Elite” Performer of the Night: Anthony Ogogo

Must See Match of the Night: Tony Nese vs. Alex Reynolds