AEW Dark: Elevation Recap: Trios Main Event, Andrade El Idolo In Action

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back the Rajah.Com recap of AEW Dark: Elevation.

The latest episode of AEW’s weekly YouTube program featured Thunder Rosa, Andrade El Idolo, the Dark Order, and more. Check it out:

AEW Dark: Elevation (Ep. 42)

-Tony Schiavone welcomes all of the viewers into the Universal Studio, and introduces his broadcast colleague, Mark Henry.
-The Bunny, Emi Sakura, and Nyla Rose enter the studio, and it’s time for trio’s action.

The Bunny, Emi Sakura, & Nyla Rose vs. Jessica James, Gigi Rey, & Lady Bird Monroe

Nyla Rose kicks off the bout, and knocks her opponent into the heel corner. Nyla distracts the referee, while The Bunny uses the ropes for a submission hold, until Rose tags out. Emi Sakura tags in, and goes to work on her opponent in the corner, then levels her with a thunderous elbow strike. Emi drags her opponent to the corner, and tags in The Bunny, who takes care of business in the ring. The Bunny allows a new opponent to tag in, and drives her into the turnbuckle with a vicious dropkick! Emi Sakura tags in, and all six women exchange blows, until the heels clear the ring. Nyla Rose tags in, and drives her opponent into the mat with a Beast Bomb, followed by a second Beast Bomb for the 1-2-3.

Winners: The Bunny, Emi Sakura, & Nyla Rose

-After an ad break, Red Velvet enters the studio, and more women’s division action is up next.

Red Velvet vs. Madi Wrenkowski

The referee calls for the bell, and both women tie up right away. Madi and Velvet exchange arm drag takedowns, until Velvet floors Madi with a big leg lariat. Madi rebounds quickly, and goes on the offensive attack, then rocks Velvet with a standing elbow drop! Red Velvet makes it back to a fighting position, and exchanges strikes with Wrenkowski, until Madi sends Velvet into the ropes. Red Vevlet rebounds with a high crossbody, and drapes Madi over the ropes, then nails her with double knees to the neck. Red Velvet follows up with a standing moonsault, and makes the cover, but Madi somehow kicks out. Velvet immediately sets up for the Final Slice, and flattens Madi for the win.

Winner: Red Velvet

Chaos Project vs. Bear Country

The tag team bout kicks off with Luther and Bear Bronson in the ring, and both men exchange heavy blows in the early portion of the match. Bronson finally levels Luther, who tags in Serpentico. Serpentico rushes in, and immediately gets leveled, allowing Bronson to tag in Boulder. Bear Country double teams Serpentico, until Boulder takes full control of the match with consecutive back breakers. Bronson tags back in, and whips Serpentico into the corner. Serpentico escapes the corner, and tags in Luther, who tosses Serpentico into Bronson. Luther tries a cover, and Bronson powers out, so Luther tosses Serpentico onto Bronson again! Serpentico makes a legal tag in, and grabs a submission hold on Bronson, until Bear stands up. Bronson fights to his corner, and tags in Boulder, who immediately cleans house. Boulder finishes off the attack with a powerbomb to Serpentico, as well as a slam on Luther, and tags in Bronson. Boulder and Bronson set up for the finish, and pancake Luther to pick up the win.

Winner: Bear Country

Andrade El Idolo vs. Kaun

The singles bout gets going with a test of strength, until Andrade tries a takedown. Kaun fights him off, and both men grapple into the corner, where Kaun launches a hard right hand. Andrade answers back with a thunderous chop, and begins to stomp a mud hole in Kaun, followed by an an Irish whip into the opposite corner. El Idolo follows up with a unique rope assisted submission hold in the corner, until the referee forces a break. Andrade stays on the attack, and lands a nice knee strike to the gut, then powers Kaun into the corner again, where more hard strikes are delivered. Andrade wrenches the arm of Kaun, and lands consecutive elbow strikes, then whips Kaun to the opposite corner. El Idolo looks to follow up, and misfires on an attempt, allowing Kaun to fire up! Kaun sends Andrade into the ropes, and hoists him into the air, then drives his knees straight through the stomach of El Idolo! Kaun makes the cover, and Andrade defiantly kicks out at 1! Kaun takes his foot off of the gas, and allows Andrade to stand, so El Idolo floors Kaun, then locks on a submission hold for the win.

Winner: Andrade El Idolo

Thunder Rosa vs. Amber Rodriguez

More womens division action begins at a rapid pace, and both women aggressively tie up. Neither woman is able to gain an advantage, until Rosa fires up with a takedown. Rosa begins to whip Amber all around the ring, until both women fight into the corner. Amber turns the tables, and lands a few strikes, until Rosa launches multiple chops. Amber slows things down with a thunderous kick to the head of Rosa, and tries to follow up, but Rosa is still in it. Thunder Rosa drags Amber into the corner, then nails a running lariat, followed by double knees to the face. Rosa drapes Amber over the ropes, and delivers a vicious drop kick to the back of Rodriguez, followed up with a dropkick to the face! Rose puts Amber away with the Thunder Driver, and picks up another win.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

-The trio’s main event is up next, and it’s sure to be a wild one.

HFO vs. Dark Order

Evil Uno and The Blade kickoff the bout, and try to gain leverage over each other. Neither man is able to get the upper hand, so Kassidy tags in, as well as Stu Grayson. The match breaks down on the outside, and Hardy nails a twist of fate on Grayson! Dark Order members check on Grayson, while Hardy sets up for “poetry in motion,” allowing Kassidy to dive onto everyone. Back in the ring, Kassidy tries to pin Grayson, but Stu is still fighting. Matt Hardy makes a legal tag in, and hits an elbow drop on Stu, followed by a pin. HFO continues to dominate Grayson, until Stu begins to fire up. Grayson floors all of the HFO, and tags in 10, who is on fire! 10 hits a pump kick on The Blade, as well as Kassidy, then drops Hardy on the canvas. 10 nails The Blade with a spinebuster, then tags in Evil Uno, who leaps off the top rope with a senton onto The Blade! The match breaks down again, and everyone brawls, until Hardy nails Evil Uno with a Side Effect! The Blade makes the cover, and the referee counts the 1-2-NO! Evil Uno kicks out on instinct, and the match continues to break down! Dark Order members clear the ring, and 10 locks a full nelson on The Blade for the win.

Winner: Dark Order

That’s all for this weeks edition of AEW Dark: Elevation! Now it’s time to hand out a pair of awards.

“All Elite” Performer of the Night: Andrade El Idolo

Must-See Match of the Night: HFO vs. Dark Order