AEW Dark Recap (11/16): Ruby Soho, Powerhouse Hobbs, More In Action

Hello again everyone, and welcome back to the Rajah.Com recap of AEW Dark!

The Novemeber 16th episode of Dark featured a number of stars, including Andrade El Idolo, Ruby Soho, Powerhouse Hobbs, and more!

Check it out below:

AEW Dark (11/16)

-Taz and Excalibur welcome everyone to the arena, and Powerhouse Hobbs makes his way down the ramp.

Powerhouse Hobbs w/ Hook vs. Jayson Strife

The opening contest begins at a slow pace, and both men size each other up. Hobbs smacks Jason into the mat, and Strife tries to hop up for a headlock. Hobbs runs him over, and tosses Jason into the corner, where strife gets trucked. Hobbs misfires on a strike, and Jason causes a bit of speraario, then heads to the top rope for a splash. The much larger Hobbs catches strife, and slams him into the mat with ease. Powerhouse slams Strife again, and follows up with a wicked spinebuster. Hobbs hooks the leg, and makes the cover for the 1-2... Hobbs decides he isn’t finished, and locks on a Torture Rack submission hold, forcing the tapout by Strife.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

-After Kenny Omega hypes the new All Elite General Manager app, it’s time for more singles action!

Andrade El Idolo vs. Jah-C

The bout kicks off with Jah-C posing, and Andrade looking on confused. Andrade floors Jah with a stiff clothesline, and tosses him into the corner for an overhand chop. Jah-C bursts out of the corner, and charges at Andrade, who ducks the attempt. El Idolo answers the miss with a big boot that rocks C, and drapes Jah-C over the top rope for a wicked submission variation. Andrade continues to beat Jah-C into the corner, where Jah tries to mount some offense, and scores a surprise roll up attempt! Andrade quickly reverses the pressure, and locks on a nasty submission hold to the arm of Jah-C for the tapout.

Winner: Andrade El Idolo

-The next team enters the arena “from the sun,” and tag team action is up next!

Too Fast Too Fuego vs Brandon Gore & Kit Sackett

Fuego 1 starts the match with Gore, and both men grapple all around the ring. Fuego shows off unique offense, and lands a takedown, then controls the head of Gore, in an effort to tag in Fuego 2. 2 plants Gore, and sets up for an assisted move with Fuego 1, as the face team shows great teamwork with quick tags. Fuego 2 works back into the match, and gets caught with a thumb to the eye by Sackett, allowing Gore to try a pin. 2 kicks out, and Sackett tags in, but quickly tags in his partner once again. Gore goes for the mask of 2, but Fuego fights him off, and hits oddly familiar offense on Brandon. Fuego 1 tags in, and turns up the volume on Sackett and Gore, finishing off the flurry with a dive onto both men. 2 hits a torpe suicida to the outside of the ring, while Fuego Del Sol spikes Gore with a DDT for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Too Fast Too Fuego

-Justin Roberts announces the competitors in the next contest, and it’s time for women’s division action.

Ruby Soho vs. Hyan

The bell sounds, and both women start at a rapid pace. Hyan scores a quick takedown on Soho, and looks to follow up, but Ruby grabs the ropes. Ruby hits an arm drag, and spikes Hyan with a back heel trip. Hyan makes it back up, and telegraphs a lariat, then gets caught with a wicked No Future from Soho for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Ruby Soho

-“Pretty” Peter Avalon struts down to the ring, and he’s in the next match.

John Silver vs. Peter Avalon

Both men size each other up in the early portion of the match, as the crowd shows their support for John Silver. Silver and Avalon tie up, and neither man can gain the advantage, so Avalon runs the ropes. Peter tries a shoulder tackle takedown, but Silver barley moves. Silver answers back with a shoulder tackle of his own, and turns Avalon inside out! Silver beats Avalon into the corner, and hits a trio of strikes, then runs the ropes for another shoulder tackle. Avalon shakes it off quickly, and fires up for a drop kick on Silver, as well as a few chops to the chest. Avalon misfires on a chop, and Silver turns the tables with chops of his own, but then gets sent to the outside by Peter. Avalon chops Silver against the barricade, and John breaks free, leading to an exchange from both men. Peter tosses Silver back into the ring, and nails a sunset flip, then goes straight into a cover. Silver manages to kick out, and Peter keeps his foot on the gas with an arm hold. Silver eventually fights out of the hold, and hits an uppercut, but Avalon immediately hits a forearm shot. Avalon heads to the top rope, and misfires on a moonsault! Silver lands kick after kick to the face, followed by a big body drop. John pulls a Liger Bomb out of his pocket, and nails it, but Avalon kicks out on instinct! Peter makes it back to his feet, and a chop exchange breaks out, until Silver proves to be too strong. Silver goes for a lariat, and Avalon rolls him up! Silver shakes off the attempt, and sets up Avalon for the Spin Doctor, and hooks the leg for the 1-2-3.

Winner: John Silver

-After an ad break highlights former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, “The Concrete Rose” enters the arena.

Sonny Kiss vs. Adam Grace

Sonny and Adam face off to start the match, and Sunny slaps fire from the face of Grace. Sonny hits a hirricanrana, sending Adam into the corner, and follows up with a big boot. Kiss goes for a standing moonsault press, but Grace gets the knees up, and mounts some offense for a moment. Adam tries a pin, but Sonny kicks out, so Grace grabs a headlock. Sonny bursts out of the hold with a belly to belly suplex, and rocks Grace with a thunderous kick! Sonny sets Adam up in a fireman’s carry, and nails a wicked stunner variation for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Sonny Kiss

Preston "10" Vance vs. Mikey Wild

The contest begins rather quickly, and 10 hits a big elbow to the temple of Wild. Mikey shakes it off, and tries to run at 10, but gets taken down by consecutive clothesline’s. 10 tosses Mikey into the corner, and nails a pumpkick on Wild! 10 looks to follow up, but Mikey blocks the attempt with a big shot of his own! 10 takes a step back, and Wild charges at him, so 10 blasts him with a spinebuster. 10 applies a full nelson as a follow up maneuver, and forces Mikey to tapout.

Winner: Preston “10” Vance

-One-half of Men of the Year walks that aisle, and it’s time for the main event!

Scorpio Sky vs. Craven Knyte

After the fourth ranked competitor in the AEW men’s division enters the squared circle, the bell sounds, and Sky quickly takes down Knyte. Craven runs the ropes, and gets taken down again with a drop toe hold from Sky, who picks up the pace. Scorpio uses shifty defense to avoid an attempt from Craven, and runs the ropes, then floors Knyte! Sky keeps his foot on the gas with a headlock, and grinds away at Craven, then tries a suplex. Craven flips out, and nails a rolling elbow/senton combo! Craven makes a cover, but doesn’t hook the leg, allowing Sky to kick out. Sky makes it back to his feet, and sets up for the TKO, then nails the move for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Scorpio Sky

Now that all of the matches have been contested, it's time to hand out a pair of awards:

“All Elite” performer of the night: Too Fast Too Fuego

Match of the Night: John Silver vs Peter Avalon