AEW Dark Recap: Nyla Rose, 2Point0, More In Action

Welcome to Rajah.Com’s first ever AEW Dark recap!

Tuesday night’s edition of AEW Dark features a stacked card, so let’s get down to business.

AEW Dark (11/2)

-After FTR issues a challenge to “any luchadores except The Lucha Bro.s” during Wednesday night’s AEW Dynamite, Excalibur and Taz welcome viewers to the arena.
-Santana and Ortiz make their way down the ramp, and it’s time for the first match of the night.

Santana & Ortiz vs Joel Coleman & Idris Abraham

This is Idris and Joel’s AEW debut. Santana kicks off the match with Idris, and both men tie up right away. Santana begins to fire up with consecutive strikes on Abraham, until sending Idris into the canvas with a huge slam, and taking a moment to be proud of his work. Santana continues to mount offense, and tags in Ortiz, who assists Santana on a double team move. Ortiz follows up by dropping Coleman with a forearm shot, and tags back in Santana, who helps with yet another double team maneuver. Santana quickly tags Ortiz back in, who sets up for another assisted takedown. Abraham loads up for an enziguri on Ortiz, but he nails Santana, and Ortiz answers back with a shot that rocks Idris. Santana returns the enziguri, and Ortiz turns Idris inside out with a clothesline for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Santana & Ortiz

-After a commercial hypes this month’s Full Gear Pay Per View, Nyla Rose, along with Vickie Guerrero enter the studio.

Nyla Rose vs Viva Van

Vickie cuts a promo before the match, and says Nyla is the future TBS Women’s Champion. When the bell rings, Nyla sizes up Viva. Van and Rose tie up, and Nyla drives Van into the corner. Nyla drags Viva across the ring, and nails a kick to the ribs. Nyla mounts Viva in the corner, and misses an elbow strike, allowing Van to take control for a brief moment. Rose turns things around with a forearm shot, and lands numerous blows, before hoisting Van in the air, and slamming her down with a thunderous sit out powerbomb. “The Native Beast” makes the cover, and seals the deal on a victory.

Winner: Nyla Rose

-After Kenny Omega promotes the new AEW Elite General Manager app, members of The Nightmare Family walk down the aisle.

Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson vs Eli Knight & Malik Bosede

Brock Anderson starts off the contest with Malik, and immediately goes to work on the arm, before dropping his opponent with a big slam. Brock whips Malik into the corner, and tags in Lee Johnson, who lands a kick straight to the spine of Malik. Knight tags in, and uses his speed to avoid Johnson, then takes Lee down with a unique offensive maneuver. Johnson shakes it off quickly, and tags in Brock Anderson, who hits a spinebuster on Knight. Lee tags back in, and heads to the top rope, before crashing down with a frog splash for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Johnson & Anderson

-Taz hypes the next match, which features Daniel Garcia, who is accompanied by 2.0.

Daniel García vs RSP

A standard tie up kicks off the action, and Garcia throws RSP into the mat. Garcia lands a few body blows on RSP, and nails a dragon screw, then takes a moment to talk trash. Garcia goes back to work on the leg, and uses the ropes to his advantage for a moment, before turning to the crowd to brag about himself. Garcia ties RSP in the ropes, and grinds his knee into the side of RSP’s head, while 2.0 talks trash from the outside. RSP tries to mount a comeback, and lifts Garcia in the air, then tosses him across the ring. Garcia lands in the corner, then receives a crossbody from RSP, followed by a big takedown. Daniel turns things around with a front face lock, as well as a body scissors, and changes gears into a sleeper hold. RSP passes out, and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Daniel Garcia

-Tag Team action is up next, featuring members of The Dark Order.

Dark Order(John Silver & Alex Reynolds) vs Sean Carr & Marcus Kross

This is the AEW Tag Team Debut of Kross and Carr. The official signals for the match opening bell, and Reynolds locks horns with Sean Carr. Both men exchange blows, until Reynolds side steps a big attempt from Carr. Alex tags in John Silver, who goes to work on Carr with a chin lock. Sean sends Silver into the ropes, who rebounds with a shoulder block takedown, and tags Reynolds back in. Alex fails to capitalize on the momentum, and Carr tags in Kross, while Alex tags in Silver. John hits consecutive strikes on Carr and Kross, before Reynolds comes back into the ring for the assist. Silver flattens Kross with an assisted DDT, and makes the cover for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Dark Order

-Tag Team action continues next, featuring Max Caster and Anthony Bowens of The Acclaimed.

The Acclaimed vs Ishmael Vaughn & Dontae Smiley

This is the first AEW Tag Team match for Smiley and Vaughn. Bowens begins the bout with Vaughn, and lands a few quick shots to the midsection, before tagging in Caster. Max gets in a few stiff shots, and quickly tags Bowens back in, who leaps over the top rope with a big elbow drop. Vaughn immediately hops up, and puts down Bowens, before tagging in Smiley. Smiley mounts some offense for a moment, until Anthony spikes Smiley into the mat, and tags in Caster. Max struggles with Smiley, who plants Caster in the corner, and calls for a double team move. Vaughn runs in from the opposite corner, and catches a huge back body drop from Max, who tags in Bowens. Max makes a blind tag and heads to the top rope, while Anthony hits a sidewalk slam on Smiley, followed by the Mic Drop from Caster for the 1-2-3.

Winner: The Acclaimed

-A pair of AEW Women’s Division stars are on Deck, so let’s get down to it.

The Bunny vs Santana Garrett

Garrett is searching for her first victory in an AEW ring. The Bunny goes on the attack as soon as the bell rings, and drives Garrett into the corner. Bunny ties Santana up on the middle turnbuckle, and sets up for a brutal dropkick variation, jarring the neck of Garrett. Bunny continues to assault Santana, and drags Garrett into the corner, before driving a boot through the side of Santana’s face. Garrett finally comes back alive, and hits a big time shot to the jaw of The Bunny, sending her into the corner. Santana tries to follow up, and misses a crossbody attempt, allowing The Bunny to set up for her finisher. The Bunny floors Santana with The Rabbit Hole, and makes the cover for the 1-2-3.

Winner: The Bunny

-When AEW Dark returns from an ad break, it’s time for another tag team battle.

2point0 vs Bison XL & Toa Liona

As is the case with most of tonight’s tag teams, this is the AEW debut of Bison and Toa. Parker begins the match with a full head of steam, and immediately dives onto Bison. XL shakes it off, and throws Parker into his corner, who tags in his partner. The heel squad takes a moment to talk things over, and Matt heads back into the ring, where Bison is waiting. Bison spikes Lee with a takedown, and Garcia gets involved from the outside. Lee and Parker take full control of the match, and make rapid tags, keeping Bison away from his partner. XL tries his best to fight off Lee. Parker tags back in, and Bison finally tags in Toa, who hits a massive Samoan Drop on Parker. Toa follows up by flattening both members of 2point0, leading to another interruption from Garcia. Toa and Bison both reach for Daniel, and bump heads, allowing 2point0 to hit 2 for the Show on Toa.

Winner: 2point0

-AEW Dark returns with women’s division action, and it’s time to “stir it up.”

Red Velvet vs Sholance Royal

This is Royal’s first AEW match of the year. Red Velvet is preparing for a TBS Championship Tournament clash with The Bunny. Red Velvet and Sholance trade moves to kick off the bout, until Red Velvet drops Royal into the corner. Velvet grinds her foot into Royal, and smirks with confidence, until Sholance breaks free. Royal let’s out a primal scream, and racks up a few consecutive offensive maneuvers, then caps it off with a splash for a pin attempt. Velvet kicks out, and Sholance tries to keep the pressure on, but Velvet will not go away. Red Velvet hits a series of shots, followed by a stunner out of the corner, and hits an impressive standing shooting star press for a nearfall. Red Velvet keeps her foot on the gas, and picks Sholance up for The Final Slice,before making the cover for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Red Velvet

Now it’s time to hand out a few awards!

*Match of the Night: Dark Order vs Sean Carr & Marcus Kross
*“All Elite” Performer of the Night: Nyla Rose