AEW Dark Recap(12/7): Brandi Rhodes, Lio Rush, More In Action

Hello again everyone, and welcome back to the Rajah.Com recap of AEW Dark!

The latest edition of the weekly All Elite Wrestling YouTube program featured multiple matches, including the likes of Thunder Rosa, Brandi Rhodes, and more. Check it out:

AEW Dark

-Excalibur welcomes all of the viewers onboard, and introduces his broadcast colleague, Taz.
-Lee Moriarty enters the Universal Studio, and it’s time for the first match!

Lee Moriarty vs. Misterioso

Both men show slight hesitation to begin the match, until a test of strength breaks out. Lee takes Misterioso down, but he quickly gets back up, and rapid exchange breaks out. Moriarty lands a huge arm-drag takedown from the top rope, and follows up with a submission hold. Misterioso makes his way back, and turns on the gas with a clothesline, followed by a pin attempt. Moriarty kicks out at 1, so Misterioso stays on the attack, and whips Moriarty from pillar to post. Misterioso follows up with a missile drop kick in the the corner, followed by a stalling senton, and hesitates to make a cover. The mistake allows Moriarty to kick out, and Lee fires up with consecutive strikes! Moriarty lands a pair of elbows, followed by a suplex, and hooks the leg for a pin. Misterioso kicks out just in time, and turns the tables with a wicked powerslam, then follows up with a moonsault press! Mystery tries a pair of covers, but Lee kicks out of both attempts, so Misterioso heads to the top rope. Misterioso leaps off with a moonsault variation, but Lee catches Misterioso with a pair of knees on the way down! Moriarty starts to make his comeback, and plants mystery with a brutal flatliner for the win.

Winner: Lee Moriarty

Lio Rush vs. Rayo

Lio fires up the crowd for a moment, and gets to the task at hand, leading to a rapid exchange of offense. Both men run all around the ring, and trade multiple strikes, until Lio tosses Rayo to the outside. Rush follows up with a torpe suicida, and lands on his feet, then drags Rayo back in the ring for a pin attempt. Rayo gets his shoulder up, and Rush follows up with a kick to the chest! Rush tries to stay on the attack, but Rayo uses innovative offense, and goes for a pin. Rush kicks out, but Rayo keeps his momentum going with a few slaps. Rayo locks on a headlock, and grabs the hair of Rush, until Lio fires up for a comeback. Rush hits a back hand spring elbow, as well as a roundhouse kick, then goes up top. Rush nails the frog splash, and hooks the leg for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Lio Rush

Brandi Rhodes vs. Angelica Risk

The referee signals for the bell, and women’s division action is underway! Angelica controls the early portion of the match, until Rhodes hits a quick hip toss. The match comes to a stand still for a moment, until both women tie up, and Risk drives Brandi into the corner. Angelica lands a few consecutive strikes, and turns her back on Brandi, allowing Rhodes to flatten Risk with a pump kick. Rhodes drags Risk into the corner, and follows up with a vicious elbow strike, followed by a kick. Brandi hooks the leg for a cover, but Angelica kicks out, and starts to make a comeback. Risk works over Rhodes in the corner, and powers up for a rear view! Risk tries a pin, but Rhodes quickly kicks out, so Risk applies a submission hold. Brandi fights out with elbow strikes, and nails a huge kick, followed by consecutive kicks. Brandi blasts Risk with a big elbow to the chin, and locks on a submission hold for the win.

Winner: Brandi Rhodes

Ryo Mizunami vs. Emi Sakura

More women’s division kicks off with a tie up, and Ryo tries to grab a headlock. Emi turns the the tables for a moment, until a shoulder tackle showdown breaks out. Both women changes gears, and fire away with brutal chops, until Ryo lays out Sakura with a powerful shoulder tackle. Emi’s assistant gets involved from the outside, and allows Emi to takeover, until Ryo catches a crossbody attempt. Sakura quickly fights out of the arms of Ryo, and launches her to the outside, where the assistant gets involved again. Back in the ring, Sakura tries to put the match away, but Ryo reverses an attempt, and fires up with chops. Ryo lands a knife-edge chop, and whips Emi from post to post, then lands a big leg drop. Ryo tries another slam, but Emi elbows her way out! Emi runs the ropes, and rebounds straight into Ryo, who goes back on the attack. Ryo plants Sakura, and tries a cover, but Emi kicks out. Ryo rushes to the corner, and comes back with a spear, then makes the cover for the 1-2-NO! Sakura kicks out on instinct, and the assistant jumps on the apron. The referee checks on Sakura, while the assistant hits Ryo with a weapon, allowing Sakura to steal a victory.

Winner: Emi Sakura

Anthony Ogogo vs. Baron Black

A war of words kicks off the bout, and both men get going with a quick exchange. Anthony hits a shoulder tackle on Black, and tries to follow up, but Baron turns the tables with a stretch. Anthony fights out, and Black keeps the advantage, until Ogogo hits a sidewalk slam. Anthony follows up with a scoop slam, as well as another one, and takes a moment to be proud of himself. Anthony whips Black into the corner, then drives him hard into the turnbuckle, and comes behind that with a clothesline. Anthony tries a pin, as well as another pin, but Black is still in it. Anthony nails a snap suplex, and hooks the leg for a pin, but Baron won’t go away! Ogogo hits a shot to the kidneys, and brutalizes Baron’s back, until Black blasts Anthony in the ribs. Both men fight into the ropes, forcing a break, and Anthony gets frustrated. Black capitalizes with chops, until Anthony kicks him in the gut! Black shakes it off, and rocks Ogogo with an atomic drop, then follows up with a rolling elbow strike. Black looks for the clover leaf, but QT Marshall gets involved on the apron, allowing Ogogo to plant Black with an Olympic slam for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Anthony Ogogo

Shawn Spears & Wardlow vs. Jay Marte & Richard King

Wardlow gets the match going with Marte, and let’s Jay apply a headlock. Wardlow quickly shows off his power, and hits a massive lariat, rocking Jay in the process. Wardlow allows King to tag in, and gives him a free shot, but Wardlow ducks. King runs the ropes, and tries a hurricanrana, then gets caught with a powerbomb from Wardlow! The crowd chants one more time, so Wardlow goes for another one, but Marte makes the save. Wardlow powerbombs Jay, and follows up with another one to King, while Spears beg for a tag. Shawn enters the ring, and pins King for win.

Winner: Shawn Spears & Wardlow

Fuego Del Sol vs. Luke Sampson

Another singles contest kicks off with a feeling out process, until Fuego fires away with kicks. Fuego fails on a crossbody attempt, but quickly rebounds, and begins to mount an offensive attack. Fuego heads to the top rope, and Samson catches him on the way down, then drives his knee into Fuego. Luke taunts the crowd, as Del Sol lays on the mat in pain, until Sampson goes on the attack. Luke takes full control of Fuego, and overpowers Del Sol, then ducks a surprise enziguri attempt. Luke continues to dominate Del sol in the corner, and drags Fuego to the center of the ring, where Fuego hits a jawbreaker! Fuego lands a few more strikes, until Luke slows the match down with a sidewalk slam. Luke tries a cover, and Fuego kicks out so Sampson shows his frustration. Luke gets back to business, and tries a suplex, but Fuego slips out, then hits a neck breaker. Fuego hits a trio of uppercuts, followed by a spear, and goes for a tornado DDT, but Luke counters. An exchange breaks out, until Fuego hits a big kick, followed by a moonsault, and runs to the top rope. Fuego jumps off with a tornado DDT, followed by a leaping double-stomp, and makes the cover for the win.

Winner: Fuego Del Sol

Thunder Rosa vs. Sofia Castillo

The match begins with a quick pace, until Thunder Rosa slows things down with a submission hold. Rosa tries a few rollup variations, and changes gears with kicks, followed by a pair of hip tosses. Castillo goes into the corner of the ring, allowing Thunder Rosa to hit a big elbow strike, and come behind that with an uppercut. Thunder Rosa attempts a running attack, but misfires, and runs straight into the turnbuckle. Castillo tries a cover, and Rosa quickly kicks out, then locks on a brutal submission hold. Rosa drops Sofia on her face, and drags her into the corner, then fires away with consecutive strikes. Rosa drags Castillo into two more corners, and Sofia finally blocks an attempt, but Thunder Rosa goes back in control. Rosa powers Castillo into the corner, then delivers big kicks, followed by a dropkick. Thunder Rosa plants Sofia with a Death Valley driver, and locks on a neck tie for the win.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

That’s all for this weeks AEW Dark! Now it’s time to hand out a pair of awards:

“All Elite” Performer of the Night: Wardlow

Must See Match of the Night: Ryo Mizunami vs. Emi Sakura