AEW Dynamite Results (3/2/2022): Daily's Place, Jacksonville, FL.

It's Wednesday night, and you kow what that means ...

All Elite Wrestling returns with the latest edition of their two-hour TBS program, which emanates this week from Daily's Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, Florida.

On tap for tonight's AEW Revolution 2022 "go-home" edition of Dynamite on TNT is a loaded show, featuring the Tag-Team Battle Royale for Spot No. 2 in the AEW Tag-Team Title match at Revolution, Hangman Page, John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs. Adam Cole & reDRagon, Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter vs. Thunder Rosa & Mercedes Martinez, Tony Khan's huge announcement and more.

Featured below are complete AEW Dynamite results from Wednesday, March 2, 2022.


This week's show kicks off with the usual cold open video package and theme song. We then shoot inside the home turf of AEW, as the cameras welcome us inside Daily's Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, FL. for the AEW Revolution 2022 pay-per-view "go-home" show.

Tony Khan Acquires ROH

From there, Jim Ross does his "It's Wednesday night, and you know what that means" catchphrase as fireworks and pyro explodes in the background.

We then head to the ring for our opening segment. We see Tony Schiavone in the ring and he introduces the AEW President, Tony Khan, who will kick off the show with his promised "huge announcement."

Khan then thanks fans for being in the building tonight for the final show before this Sunday's Revolution pay-per-view. He then goes on to talk about how three years ago in the parking lot outside the building being where AEW was born.

He then says 17 years before that was another big date -- the birth of Ring Of Honor. He then makes the big announcement, which is that he has acquired Ring Of Honor. That's right folks, Tony Khan now owns ROH Wrestling.

Bryan Danielson vs. Christopher Daniels

He continues by bringing up the name Christopher Daniels and Bryan Danielson. He says for the first time in Daily's Place, here is "The American Dragon" himself.

Danielson and Daniels are both settled in the ring now and the bell sounds to get this one off-and-running.

Before getting after it, the two shake hands to do acknowledge the code of honor routine that was established in the original ROH.

Now this one gets underway, and early on we see Daniels jump off to a good start. He gets a bit too cocky, however, and this gives Danielson the opening he needs to take over control of the offense.

Danielson goes on to work over Daniels for a couple of minutes, while the commentators sing his praises all-the-while. A few moments later we see "The Fallen Angel" hit a big counter that shifts the offensive momentum back in his favor.

Christopher Daniels takes Danielson up to the top-rope and then brings him down the hard way. He then looks for the Angels Wings move, but Danielson had it well-scouted and counters with a German suplex that sends Daniels flying overhead.

Daniels crashes in the corner after that and then Danielson follows in with a big shot. He blasts him with some chops, which the crowd reacts to as each one lands. He then sits Daniels on the top-rope and begins climbing up after him.

With both guys on the top-rope now, we see Danielson hook the arm of Daniels, only for Daniels to punch and ultimately headbutt his way free. Danielson crashes down to the mat below and then Daniels flies and splashes onto him with a big high-risk follow-up spot.

On the mat, both guys trade submission attempts and then they each go for a couple of pin attempts, with both guys kicking out and immediately countering into their own subsequent attempt. Back on their feet, they begin trading shots.

Daniels then goes for a big shot and sits Danielson on the top-rope. He brings him down the hard way and then climbs up to the top-rope himself for the Best Moonsault Ever. Unfortunately for him, however, he lands into a triangle choke from the prepared "American Dragon," who blasts some elbows to the exposed dome of Daniels. The referee calls it off. Danielson picks up the win.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

After The Match: Bryan Danielson Breaks ROH Tradition

Once the match wraps up, Danielson gets on the mic and says in the original ROH they did handshakes as a sign of respect and honor before each match, and again after each bout.

He then points out that this isn't the old days, and says he has changed. He says now he's about to kick someone's head in. He then blasts Daniels with some kicks, before picking the mic back up again.

Bryan Danielson Sends Message To Jon Moxley, Mox Confronts Him

Danielson gets on the mic once more and sends a message to his opponent at this Sunday's AEW Revolution 2022 pay-per-view. He tells Jon Moxley that will be his head come this Sunday night.

On that note, we hear "Wild Thing" play and out comes "The Purveyor of Violence" himself. Jon Moxley makes his way down to the ring and grabs a mic.

Mox says he can tell Danielson is as good as ever, and more violent than ever. He says he can go two paths, and one that seems to be written already is that he will lose again to Danielson. Instead, he says he is going to create a different one.

He goes on to point out that he is in control of his destiny and vows to take things a different route. He says he's gonna re-write the book and the first chapter will be him beating Bryan Danielson.

It looks like we're going to see a preview of the battle between these two a few days early, but instead Danielson does the normal heel move and walks off instead.

Sting & Darby Allin Address Friday's Rampage Main Event

We shoot backstage where Sting is standing by. He brings up the big main event scheduled for this coming Friday night's edition of AEW Rampage.

He then asks what Darby Allin thinks. Darby, who was standing behind him, turns around and says they will team with Sammy Guevara this Friday, but then after that, it's back to business.

He closes by saying, "It's showtime!" We then head to a commercial break.

Casino Tag-Team Royale No. 2

We return from the break and head right back down to the ring for the second Casino Tag-Team Royale match.

This bout will determine the third team that will join reDRagon -- Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish -- in the AEW Tag-Team Championship match against current title-holders Jurassic Express -- Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus -- at the AEW Revolution 2022 pay-per-view.

Out comes the first team, as FTR's theme hits and the duo of Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler make their way down to the ring. As they settle in the ring, their music fades down.

We wait as the theme for their opponents hits, and out comes Dante Martin along with his former tag-team partner who has been on the sidelines for some time now -- Darius Martin.

Top Flight reunite on this week's show and they will be kicking things off as one of the first two teams in this week's Casino Tag-Team Royale bout. They settle into the ring and their music dies down.

The bell sounds to get this one off-and-running. The two teams slug it out straight out of the gate and then when the clock winds down, we hear the familiar sounds of the theme of The Acclaimed.

Max Caster and Anthony Bowens make their way out as Caster does his usual freestyle rap routine. As the commentators point out, they eat up essentially the entire 90-second interval with their rap and then enter the ring just as the clock strikes to bring out the next team.

On that note, The Dark Order duo of Alan Angels and No. 10 make their way out as the fourth team to enter this battle royale style bout, where both team members must be eliminated over the top-rope for their team to be out of the running.

After some action from The Dark Order duo, the countdown clock appears on the screen again. The fans help count it down and when it expires, The Butcher & The Blade make their way out as the next team to enter the mix.

Out after them is The Varsity Blondes -- Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison. Just as they make their way out, Excalibur talks us into a mid-match commercial break as the action continues.

We're back from the break and out comes Santana & Ortiz as the next team. Immediately they make an impact, as they throw out both Bear Bronson and Bear Boulder to eliminate them.

Soon thereafter, another elimination happens as Brian Pillman Jr. is thrown out. A few moments later, Griff Garrison is also thrown out.

The Best Friends duo make their way out as the next participants in the match. Stu Grayson and Evil Uno make their way out next as The Dark Order are now represented by two different teams.

Max Caster is thrown out to eliminate him, however Anthony Bowens is still in it to keep The Acclaimed's chances alive. The Blade is thrown out, but again, The Butcher is thrown out a moment later to end the team's chances.

As the action continues, we hear the familiar sounds of The Young Bucks' theme song. Nick and Matt Jackson come out with their over-the-top entrance, complete with smoke and confetti shooting all over the place as they flash their cheesey double biceps pose. As they finish up their ring walks, we head to another mid-match commercial break.

We return from the break right into the next countdown from the fans. When the clock expires, out comes the next team to enter the match, and it is none other than The Gunn Club. Out comes Austin and Colten Gunn, sons of WWE Hall of Fame legend Billy Gunn, to join the mix.

The camera pans over and shows some of the Ring Of Honor wrestlers sitting in a special section and enjoying the action from AEW in support of their new boss -- Tony Khan.

Meanwhile, The Young Bucks and FTR work together to eliminate The Gunn Club seconds after they entered the match. There are bodies flying everywhere as the ring is heavily filled up at this point.

We see the countdown clock re-appear and when it counts down, the buzzer sounds and out comes the duo of Lee Johnson and Brock Anderson, accompanied by Arn Anderson. As soon as the duo hits the ring, Bowens heads over and fires away at them with punches.

Brock Anderson ends up hooking Bowens and hitting him with a sidewalk slam. Bowens is nearly thrown out by No. 10, but he instead throws him out. Chuck Taylor is tossed out and eliminated by Ortiz moments later.

The Wing Men are thrown out and eliminated soon there after. Grayson of The Dark Order is tossed out by Bowens. We see Jackson hanging on as the countdown clock appears again. When it counts down and the buzzer hits, out comes Team 2point0 -- Jeff Parker and Matt Lee -- as the final entrants in the bout.

We see things pick up now, as several competitors are eliminated in a short amount of time. Things skim down to just The Young Bucks, FTR, and Top Flight. We see reDRagon come out and get involved from the floor, which leads to the elimination of FTR.

Now we're down to just Darius Martin of Top Flight and both members of The Young Bucks -- Nick and Matt Jackson -- as the final three participants in this match. The Jackson's close in on Darius and then the fight is on.

Darius does better than expected faring by himself against the veteran duo, however eventually we get to the finishing sequence. We see Jackson nearly thrown out by Darius, only for Brandon Cutler to catch him and keep him in it.

Moments later, Darius launches Jackson into his brother to eliminate him. Darius nearly follows up with an immediate elimination of the other Buck, however he hangs on. The two both end up outside the ropes duking it out on the ring apron. We see Darius beat down Jackson until The Young Buck throws a low blow, field goal style, before hitting a super kick to eliminate him.

With the elimination, The Young Bucks are the winners in this one, so it will be Jurassic Express defending their AEW Tag-Team Championships this Sunday at AEW Revolution 2022 against The Young Bucks and reDRagon.

Winners and ADVANCING to the tag-team title match at AEW Revolution: The Young Bucks

Chris Jericho With A Pre-Revolution Message For Eddie Kingston

We return from the break to the commentators sending us backstage to Chris Jericho. "Le Champion" brings up his opponent for this Sunday's AEW Revolution 2022 PPV -- Eddie Kingston.

Jericho goes on to talk about how if "The Mad King" picks up the victory this weekend, he will look him in his eyes and say what he vowed to say if he lost. Jericho says if Kingston loses, however, he will tell him to "G-F-Y."

Up walks Santana & Ortiz with their war-paint smeared from their battle in the Casino Tag-Team Royale moments ago. Jericho asks them if they're cool. They bump fists and Santana & Ortiz walk off as Jericho says, "I've always got your back."

CM Punk Responds To MJF's Out-Of-Character Promo From Last Week

Now we head back inside Daily's Place amphitheater where we hear the familiar sounds of the theme song of CM Punk.

Out comes "The Best in the World" with a serious look in his eyes. He goes on to talk about how he used to question if he was the bad guy.

Punk says he's not sure what to make of MJF's comments from last week, but says he feels he was being truthful about the things he said he experienced growing up.

He then goes on to talk about a famous picture of himself as a youngster standing with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. He brings up MJF's involvement with Dean Malenko and comments he's made about Brian Pillman.

Now he tells a story about how when he first came to AEW, MJF came up to him backstage and stuck his hand out. Punk says he didn't shake it.

From there, Punk says he's got something he wants to say that is more powerful than anything he can do. He says he needs MJF to come out though so he can look him in the eyes and say it.

Punk says he wants the MJF from last week to come out so they can have a talk in front of the world. MJF comes out without any music playing. He enters the ring and then Punk walks up and looks in his eyes to see if he's dealing with the same guy who spoke last week.

After that he brings up some of the things he's done in the past, such as dumping Paul Bearer's ashes out during his program with Undertaker, mocking Jeff Hardy's addiction issues and other heel antics that were truly despised from his past.

He then talks about the current situation and how there are kids out there who look up to MJF the same way he looked up to him when he was younger. He says he woke up this morning and asked himself if he's a good guy. He says he had an answer this time, which was, "I sure am trying."

Punk then extends his hand out to give MJF the handshake he says he refused to give him when he first met him behind-the-scenes in AEW after joining the company. MJF backs up without shaking it and thinks for a moment and then crashes into him with a big hug. The two get emotional as they embrace and the fans cheer.

Then, out of nowhere, MJF blasts him with a low blow. He takes his jacket off and hits his Heatseeker finisher on Punk. He shows off his shirt which is the photo of himself as a kid meeting CM Punk at an autograph session.

MJF then calls out Wardlow and Shawn Spears, who make their way to the ring. They hand MJF his Dynamite Diamond Ring and he slips it on and blasts Punk, decking him with the loaded up shot.

He takes out the dog collar and chain that will be used in their Dog Collar Match on next week's show. He beats him down with it and busts him open. His face turns into a crimson mask as he hangs Punk over the ropes with said-chain and dog collar.

He gets on the mic and talks about how Punk is a dumb old man. He says he is a snake and talks about how the greatest thing the devil ever did was convincing people that he doesn't exist.

We see Sting and Darby Allin run out to chase away MJF and the other members of The Pinnacle. We then head to a commercial break.

Keith Lee Confronted By Ricky Starks & Powerhouse Hobbs

As we return from the break, we head to Tony Schiavone who is standing by with Keith Lee. He brings up the Face Of The Revolution ladder match at this Sunday's AEW Revolution pay-per-view.

Before he can say much of anything, however, up walks Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs. They bicker back-and-forth and then Starks warns Lee that if he shows up at Rampage this Friday night, he might not even make it to Sunday's PPV.

Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter vs. Thunder Rosa & Mercedes Martinez

Now we head back inside the amphitheater where we hear the familiar sounds of Dr. Britt Baker's theme song. Out comes the AEW Women's Champion along with Jamie Hayter. The duo settles inside the squared circle and the music fades down.

From there, Thunder Rosa's music hits and out she comes. She stops and waits as her opponent makes her way out. Mercedes Martinez and Rosa head to the ring together and then the four-woman brawl gets underway as soon as they hit the ring apron.

The four duke it out to get this one off-and-running and then we watch as Rosa gets launched and crashes down hard. Order is finally restored and we get the actual match going now as Rosa and Hayter start things off in the ring.

Baker ends up sneaking in a big kick to Rosa, which allows Hayter to settle into the offensive lead. On that note, we head to a mid-match commercial break.

As we settle back in from the break, we see the match still in progress in the ring. The heel duo of Baker and Hayter are still in a comfortable lead. They hit some double-team action behind the referee's back to keep themselves in the offensive driver's seat.

Rosa finally gets the hot tag and she and Baker, who also tags in, begin duking it out back-and-forth in the middle of the ring. Baker gets a foot stomp on Rosa after dropping her to the mat.

We see Thunder Rosa look for the Fire & Thunder Driver, but Baker avoids it and counters. She looks for the Rip Cord but Rosa counters that and hits a Death Valley Driver for a close near fall, which is broken up by Hayter, who blasts Rosa with a big double-axe handle smash.

All four end up in the ring again as things once again come unrattled. Hayter and Martinez fight on the floor while Rosa hits her finisher on Baker in the ring. She covers her and scores the pin fall victory for her team.

The commentators point out that she pinned the champ and question if she'll be able to do the same thing when the title is on the line when she and Baker meet in one-on-one action at Sunday's AEW Revolution PPV.

Winners: Thunder Rosa & Mercedes Martinez

Jade Cargill & Tay Conti Argue Backstage

We shoot backstage where Tony Schiavone is standing by with Tay Conti. Before she can say much of anything, however, in walks Jade Cargill and "Smart" Mark Sterling.

Jade tells Conti to shut up before she kicks her in the head again. She says no one cares about her karate crap, which sets Conti off.

Sterling jumps in and says if Conti touches a single green hair on Cargill's head, she will be sued. Cargill tells her that she's gonna beat her down on Sunday and leaves after saying her "that b*tch" catchphrase.

Special Look At Kris Statlander & "Legit" Leyla Hirsch Rivalry

When we return, we see a graphic advertising Andrade El Idolo vs. Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara for the TNT Championship at this Friday's Rampage.

From there, we see an elaborate vignette that hypes the Kris Statlander vs. "Legit" Leyla Hirsch rivalry.

Wardlow vs. Cezar Bononi

We then hear the familiar sounds of the theme of Wardlow, who makes his way out accompanied by Shawn Spears.

The duo heads to the ring, where Wardlow's opponent for tonight's singles match for the highly-regarded prospect from The Pinnacle who sports a 20-1 win/loss record.

He enters the ring where his opponent, Cezar Bononi, is already standing. The bell sounds and we're off-and-running with this one.

Early on, Wardlow runs right through Bononi and then begins his symphony of power bomb sequence leading to another easy squash match style pin fall victory.

Winner: Wardlow

After The Match: Wardlow Stops Shawn Spears, Stares Him Down

After the match wraps up, we see "The Chairman of AEW," Shawn Spears, try once again to steal the spotlight with a post-match steel chair beatdown.

Instead, Wardlow grabs the chair in mid-swing and takes it from him. He stares him down and then turns to celebrate his win.

A Look At Upcoming Programming From AEW

The commentary trio begin running down some announced matches and segments for this Friday's Rampage show. They follow that up by running down the card for Sunday's AEW Revolution 2022 pay-per-view.

The House Of Black With A Special Message

We then head to a commercial break ahead of tonight's six-man tag-team main event match. When we settle back in from the break, we see a special message from The House of Black.

Malakai Black and Brody King talk about their ongoing rivalry with PAC and Penta before closing with "the house always wins" catchphrase.

MJF Warns Wardlow Backstage

We shoot to Wardlow, who talks briefly before MJF confronts him and cuts him off. He tells Wardlow he looks a little perturbed before telling him to cheer up.

He says if he wins this Sunday at Revolution, he'll let him keep the title. He says he knows Wardlow won't win, though. He goes to walk off but stops when Wardlow responds by saying, "That's because I'm always too busy making sure you're okay."

MJF turns back and slaps him across the mouth. He tells him he works for him and not AEW, and not to mistake his kindness for weakness. We then head back inside the amphitheater as it's time for our headline bout of the evening.

"Hangman" Page, John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs. Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish

Now we are ready to get the final bout of the evening underway. On that note, we hear the familiar sounds of Adam Cole's theme song.

Cole makes his way out along with reDRagon -- Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly. They settle into the squared circle and their music dies down.

Now The Dark Order duo of John Silver and Alex Reynolds make their way out. They stop and await the entrance of their parter for this six-man tag-team bout.

On that note, the theme for the AEW World Champion hits, as "Hangman" Adam Page emerges and joins them as they finish their entrance.

The bell sounds and we get this one off-and-running. Kicking things off for their respective teams will be "Hangman" Adam Page and Bobby Fish. The AEW champ beats down Fish and goes to work on him with big stomps in the corner.

Fish ends up taking over shortly after that and then brings Page over to his team's corner, where he tags in Kyle O'Reilly. The two look to hit a double-team spot on Page, however the champ counters it and goes to work on O'Reilly.

After getting the better of O'Reilly, we see Page make his way over to tag in The Dark Order member. In comes both Silver and Reynolds, who show good double-team offense, taking out O'Reilly and then doing the same to Fish before Silver settles on the ring apron.

Reynolds keeps control of the offensive lead for a moment or so, however it isn't long before the reDRagon duo of Fish and O'Reilly shift the momentum into their team's favor. Once they do, they bring in Adam Cole, who picks up where they left off, taking it to Reynolds.

Page tags in and helps his team fight back into competitive form. Eventually some double-team work from Fish and O'Reilly gets Page down and out, and it is then we hear Cole shout from the ring apron that "he wants the champ."

Cole tags in and picks up where the reDRagon duo left off, taking it to the champ. He is joined by Fish and O'Reilly for some triple-team action on Page that helps widen their offensive lead. We then head to a mid-match commercial break as our main event of the evening continues.

When we return from the break, the action picks up in this six-man contest. We see the heel trio remain in control of the lead until finally as an over confident Cole is in the ring, Page finally hits the ring and gets in his face.

With Page fresh this time, Cole isn't on easy-street as he looks to soften up the champ ahead of their title showdown this Sunday as he had been doing throughout the match thanks to help from reDRagon.

After going nose-to-nose, we get a preview of our AEW Revolution PPV main event for this Sunday, as Page and Cole duke it out. Eventually we see Silver and Reynolds and Fish and O'Reilly enter the mix as people are brawling everywhere.

"Hangman" nearly finishes this one off with what J.R. calls the best lariat in the business on commentary. Just as it looks like he's got this one in the bag, we see reDRagon once again enter the mix and shift the momentum back into their team's favor.

This ultimately leads to Cole picking up the pin fall victory by scoring the three-count on Page after "Lowering the Boom."

Winners: Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish

After The Match: Adam Cole & reDRagon Beat Down "Hangman" Adam Page

Once the match wraps up, we see Cole, Fish and O'Reilly dismantle and take apart Silver, Reynolds and most of all -- Page.

They beat down the AEW World Champion, with Cole hitting his Panama Sunrise spot on the man who embodies "Cowboy sh*t" before they tie him into the ring ropes and taunt him.

Cole arrogantly drapes the title he says will be his after Sunday across Page's shoulder and mocks him a bit more before celebrating his win in tonight's main event as the commentators thank us for stopping by and take us off the air.

That's how this week's show wraps up, thanks for joining us!


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