AEW Dynamite On TNT Results (11/6): Charlotte, N.C.

All Elite Wrestling returns with the latest weekly edition of AEW Dynamite tonight, November 6th, from the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Featured below are live, ongoing play-by-play results coverage of the show. Make sure to refresh the page often to view the latest AEW Dynamite results from Charlotte.


The show kicks off with the video opener and then a shoot at the live crowd here inside the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, N.C. From there we shoot to Jim Ross and the annuonce team, who run down some of the matches and segments scheduled for tonight's AEW on TNT show.

PAC vs. Trent (w/ Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy)

After running off some of the content planned for this week's AEW Dynamite, we are introduced to our first contest of the evening. PAC makes his ring entrance, pyro and all, as the announcers talk about some of PAC's recent history. Out next is his opponent for this evening, Trent from The Best Friends, accompanied by Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy. PAC vs. Trent in one-on-one action kicks things off inside the squared circle this week on AEW Dynamite. Stay tuned.

The bell sounds to kick this one off as the fans inside the Bojangles Coliseum immediately break out in a "Best Friends! Best Friends!" chant. After an early change goes PAC's way, the fans unload on him with a "PAC, You Suck! PAC, You Suck!" chant. This prompts PAC to charge out of the ring to get in Cassidy's face for some reason before returning to the ring to take some punishment from Trent, who is now starting to jump off to an early offensive lead in this match.

The action spills out to the floor and PAC slams Trent into the ringside barricade before putting the boots to him, picking him up and slamming him into the barricade on the other side of the floor. The fans again break out in a "PAC, You Suck!" chant. This leads to PAC stepping on Trent's throat in arrogant fashion before bashing his head into the ring apron. PAC delivers some more punishment to Trent and then rushes back into the ring, leading the announcers to speculate that he is looking to win by count-out. Seconds later, PAC charges and flies over the top rope like a bird gliding across the ocean at the beach before crashing onto Trent and landing on his feet with ease. Replays are shown as PAC lands a missile dropkick on the ring for a near fall.

Business picks up as PAC looks for another suicide dive, but as he goes to hit the ropes, he sees a chill Orange Cassidy standing in the middle of the ring with his hands in his pockets. This freezes PAC, who watches on as Cassidy, hands-in-pockets and all, throws a couple of mock, wimpy kicks that he was going to conclude with a hands-still-in-his-pockets, chill double step back wind-up for a final wimpy kick. Unfortunately, however, PAC saw it coming 100 miles away and blasted Cassidy with a big boot to the face as the fans boo him like crazy.

Trent returns to the ring and fires up like a tag-team wrestler finally getting that much-needed hot tag, putting together a nice offensive series against PAC that included a suicide dive onto the floor of his own, a big lariat and a swinging DDT off the ropes for a near fall. The fight spills out to the floor yet again, this time with PAC landing a crazy brainbuster suplex on Trent. This almost gets a double count out but eventually both guys roll in the ring. PAC goes for the Red Arrow. He hits it. 1-2...3, we think. We're told, even. Jim Ross calls it three, the fans thought it was three, but it wasn't. So PAC locks his submission finisher on Trent and he passes out. PAC holds onto the hold after the finish for a few extra seconds for good measure.

Winner: PAC

After The Match

After the match, PAC demands a microphone. He tells everyone to shut their stinken mouths. Everyone boos. He then sends a message to Hangman Page. He says he heard his naughty swear word, but it'll make no difference this Saturday in Baltimore, Maryland at AEW Full Gear. He promises to make an example out of Hangman Page ... again.

Cody "Career Announcement"

We are told that Cody's "career announcement" is next, as his interview with Tony Schiavone will be up when we return from our first commercial break of the evening. Stay tuned.

We return from the break directly into Cody's entrance. The fans chant his name as smoke billows out of the entrance way before he emerges in a nice suit, as usual. Pyro goes off, fireworks explode and the AEW V.P. makes his way to the ring as a packed house here in Charlotte, N.C. chant his name.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and he introduces us to Charlotte, N.C, which he points out is the birthplace of Cody. He mentions Cody's AEW Title match against Chris Jericho at AEW Full Gear this Saturday night in Baltimore. He asks if Cody has been surprised by Jericho's arrival in AEW.

Cody says he is not surprised by Jericho or The Inner Circle. He says Jericho's experience has been a short victory lap. He talks about the journey he has been on with his friends, fellow Elite members, and his brother Dustin. He says they were looking and Jericho found them. He says this Saturday, he finds himself on the marquee against the AEW World Champion Chris Jericho.

He says he and Tony have discussed this previously, so Tony knows what he is about to announce. He says he's going to go on a bit of a detour first. He starts listing legendary names like "Cowboy" Bill Watts, Eddie Graham, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, etc. He says they were the best businessmen, bell-to-bell in the history of the industry. He says in addition to being competitors, those men were also management, not unlike himself.

He says for the last year he told everybody, any podcast and interview he would mention how proud he is of AEW, the schedule, the pain, he calls it Ellis Island for a professional wrestler. He says this is freedom. The fans erupt with applause and AEW chants. He says so when he hears criticism for himself being management and in a title match. He says with that said he is announcing that... before he can continue fans break out with a "You Deserve It!" chant.

He says if he does not defeat Chris Jericho at Full Gear, because he is management, he will never challenge for the AEW World's Heavyweight Championship again. He references Jericho calling him a "Milennial Bitch." He makes a joke about being able to buy one of Jericho's many books for a couple bucks. He calls Jericho a stupid dick after pointing out that his father, a former NHL legend, is just like his father, a pro wrestling legend.

He calls Jericho a dirty succubus. He gets choked up and emotional when saying this isn't about his father, it's about his mother, his sister, and lists a bunch of other people and things. He says at Full Gear he will beat Jericho and become the AEW World Champion. He says then he can fall back to his Inner Circle and know that when they finally meet in a big match against The Elite, they are going to eat them alive. His music plays as the fans chant "Cody! Cody! Cody" to wrap up an absolutely EPIC "go-home" promo from the challenger for this Saturday's AEW Full Gear main event. We head to another commercial break.

Bronze Medal Match
The Dark Order vs. Private Party

We return from the break and we see SoCal Uncensored joining the crew on commentary for the next match of the evening. This leads to The Dark Order making their entrance, followed by Private Party. The winning team in this contest will challenge SCU and number one contenders The Lucha Bros in an AEW World Tag-Team Championship match at AEW Full Gear this Saturday on pay-per-view.

The bell sounds and here we go with our second match of the evening. This is the Bonze Medal Match, where the winning team will be the bronze medal winners of the completed tourney. Early on, The Dark Order jump off to an early offensive lead. SCU on commentary talks about not having faced Private Party before and ask if they have a preference on who their opponents will be. The action picks up quite a bit as they answer the question. We head to a mid-match commercial break as The Dark Order continue to dominate the action.

We're back from commercial and we see The Dark Order still firmly in control of this contest. Finally, however, Private Party shows signs of life as Isaiah Kassidy finally makes the hot tag to Marc Quen. Before Quen can mount any offense, however, The Dark Order double team him after a hidden tag. Before they can capitalize, however, Private Party utilize some double-team offense of their own to finally jump out to their first real offensive lead in the match. Quen hits a crazy suicide dive splashing onto both members of The Dark Order on the floor.

Quen brings Grayson back into the ring and goes back to work on him. He hits a springboard cross-body off the ring apron for a near fall. Quen tags Kassidy back in. They go for a double-team spot but Grayson hits a double kick to take out both guys before tagging the big man back into the match. Evil Uno hits a big move and goes for the pin but doesn't get it as Quen breaks it up. Uno tags Grayson back in and now all four members are in the ring and bodies are flying all over the place. Grayson hits a crazy 450-splash for a near fall. An insane hurricanrana from one Private Party member off the top rope with Grayson flying into a Stone Cold Stunner from the other member gets the 1-2-3 for Private Party. With the win, they are the Bronze Medal Match winners and will challenge SCU and The Lucha Bros in a three-way match for the AEW World Tag-Team Championships at this Saturday's AEW Full Gear pay-per-view.

Winners of the Bronze Medal Match & moving on to AEW Full Gear: Private Party

After The Match

Following the match, SCU leaves the announce table and enters the ring with their titles. They hold up the belts and stare off with Private Party as the announce team hypes this Saturday's showdown in Baltimore.

Epic Chris Jericho Video Package

J.R. then introduces us to a pre-taped video package. This shows Chris Jericho and the members of The Inner Circle, and others such as Virgil and many others that talk about Chris Jericho's determination and how he is going to defeat Cody and successfully defend his title at Full Gear. A lot of comedy is mixed in, such as an Aunt of Chris Jericho's friend from Church saying even as a kid he would talk about becoming the first-ever AEW Champion. They tout Jericho as the youngest AEW Champion in history. The Church Aunt friend returns to say "she knows Chris is going to beat the sh*t out of Cody." Jericho talks about having to remember when he wakes up how great he is. As epic and emotionally awesome as Cody's promo was, this was epic in a funny sense. Jericho drops "A Little Bit Of The Bubbley" reference at the end of the video, noting it's a lot of responsibility but it's one he must face, because he is "Le Champion." We head to another commercial break.

Jamie Hayter & Emi Sakura vs. Shanna & Riho

When we return from the break, Jamie Hayter makes her way to the ring. Out next is her tag-team partner, Emi Sakura. Hayter and Sakura will join forces for AEW women's tag-team competition next here at AEW Dynamite.

From there, their opponents are introduced. Out first is Shanna. Her partner for tonight, AEW World Women's Champion Riho, is introduced to a nice pop. The announcers point out she weighs 98 pounds. Riho vs. Emi Sakura will go down for the AEW Women's Championship at AEW Full Gear this weekend.

The bell sounds and Riho and Sakura will start things off for their respective teams. The fans chant "Riho! Riho!" as the action gets underway. Sakura shoves Riho down early. Riho uses speed and technique to show Sakura a thing or two next.

Sakura establishes a bit of an offensive lead. As Riho goes to tag, Hayter runs in to stop her. Moments later, Riho knocks down Sakura and makes the tag anyways. Now Shanna is in and the pace picks up as she and Riho are bouncing all over the place, with Shanna jumping off to an offensive lead.

Hayter finally tags in and she goes to work as we head to a mid-match commercial break. We return to see Riho making a comeback on Hayter. Sakura jumps in for a cheap shot after a blind tag. Riho stomps on Sakura and then tags in Shanna.

Shanna takes the hot tag and now goes to work viciously on Hayter, who is now the legal woman for her team. She's running the ropes like crazy, blasting Hayter with shots every time their paths crossed along the way. She goes for a cover but only gets two. She stays on fire for a nice offensive run, which included a huge high spot with her splashing onto both of her opponents on the floor after diving off the top rope.

Replays are shown of that spot as the fans chant "This Is Awesome! This Is Awesome!" while Shanna continues her onslaught on Sakura in the ring. She goes for a cover but again only gets two. Shanna is putting on a good showcase performance here in Charlotte. Sakura turns the tables on Shanna with a nice counter before tagging Hayter in.

Hayter comes in and goes to work on Shanna in the corner. Now she and Sakura hit a double-team spot on Shanna. Hayter follows up with a big kick for a near fall. Sakura hits a Vader Bomb but Riho breaks up a pin attempt with a flying double foot stomp. Riho and Sakura are now the legal women and Sakura rolls up Riho after a series of pin attempts and reversals from the two. 1-2-3. Sakura, the challenger for this Saturday's AEW Women's Championship match, just pinned Riho, the title-holder going into the match, here in this tag-team contest.

Winners: Jamie Hayter & Emi Sakura

Brandi Rhodes Pre-Taped Video Package

The latest development in the ongoing saga involving the evolving character that is Brandi Rhodes airs. The pre-taped video package shows her sitting in a red velvet chair in a nice outfit with a black vail over her face. She talks about having Awesome Kong on her side. Her body with her own brain is the worst nightmare of anyone who crosses her path. We head to commercial break.

Brandon Cutler vs. Shawn Spears (w/ Tully Blanchard)

When we return from the break we hear music playing for an entrance and Brandon Cutler, already in the ring posing, is formally introduced. Now we see "The Chairman of AEW" seated on a steel chair at the entrance ramp.

Shawn Spears is formally introduced. He stands out of his chair and is joined by Tully Blanchard. The two make their way to the ring as highlights are shown of Spears in AEW.

The bell sounds and here we go as Cutler-Spears in one-on-one action is next here on AEW Dynamite. Early on Spears jumps off to an offensive lead. Cutler has a moment but then Spears takes right back over. He smashes Cutler back-first into the ring barricade. And again.

He delivers some punches and rushes in with a knee to his face before rolling in to break the count so he can deliver more punishment on the floor.

The action finally returns to the ring where Cutler gets another moment but it isn't long before Spears hits a Death Valley Driver for the 1-2-3 and the victory.

Winner: Shawn Spears

After The Match

After the match, Tully Blanchard slides the chair into the ring for Spears. Spears hoists Cutler up for another Death Valley Driver, this time onto the chair, but Joey Janela runs in from the back to make the save. Spears and Blanchard retreat as Janela stares them down from the ring as we head to another commercial break.

Hangman Page & Kenny Omega vs. Sammy Guevara & Chris Jericho

We return from the break and we see an elaborate video package advertising this Saturday's unsanctioned lights out match between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega at AEW Full Gear.

From there, we see a close-up shot of Justin Roberts in the ring with a spotlight on him as he introduces the main event of this week's AEW Dynamite here at the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina.

With that said, Adam "Hangman" Page is introduced with his cool ass theme music. Out next is his partner for tonight, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada -- Kenny Omega.

Out next are their opponents. Introduced first is "The Spanish God" Sammy Guevara. The fans boo. He takes a selfie video as he makes his way to the ring. We see the footage on the broadcast as he walks down the ramp with blurry video shown. Out next is his fellow Inner Circle brother, the AEW World's Heavyweight Champion, "Le Champion" himself, Chris Jericho.

It's now time for this week's AEW Dynamite main event. We head to a commercial break during the end of Jericho's entrance. We're back from the break and Jericho still hasn't taken his hat or jacket off. We see Jake Hager standing at ringside like The Inner Circle's resident body guard.

The bell sounds and now the match is officially underway. Omega and Guevara look to start things off for their respective teams. Omega tells Jericho to come in and face him like a man to start things off. Jericho tags in, squares off with Omega and then tags right back out before they touch. Guevara and Omega circle as the fans boo Jericho's actions and here we go.

Omega gets stuck in a front face-lock by Guevara early on. Omega grabs an arm of Guevara's to escape the hold and it works. He yanks Guevara down to the mat and the two scramble back up. Guevara gets a hold of Omega's arm and now he slaps him back in the front head lock. Omega escapes and now the action is starting to pick up after Omega smacks Guevara in the back of the head to taunt him and Guevara bitch-smacks him in the face in response.

Omega with some extremely powerful knife-edge chops over and over and over and over again after the bitch-smack from Sammy. A back drop from Omega is followed up by a tag to Hangman Page. A "Cowboy Sh*t" chant breaks out as Hangman Page immediately goes to work on "The Spanish God."

Jericho tags in now and Hangman goes to work on him. Moments later Jericho turns the tide and now The Inner Circle duo appears to be jumping off to a long-stretch of comfortable offensive control in this tag-team main event. Guevara tags back in and picks up where Jericho left off, taking it to Page in the ring until Page reverses a suplex attempt in a quick hope spot. Guevara tags Jericho back in and Jericho goes back to work on Page in the corner with chops. Page comes off the corner with a lariat and now both men are down.

Each guy crawls to their respective corners to make the tags. Omega takes the hot tag and takes out Guevara and knocks Jericho off the apron before going back to work on Guevara. A pumped-up Omega is now taking it to Guevara with authority.

As Omega fires up looking for a dive to the floor, he hits the ropes only to run right into a cheap shot from Jake Hager, which the referee did not see. This gives The Inner Circle duo the offensive control back in the bout as J.R. takes us to a mid-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see Jericho dominating Omega in the ring. Guevara sneaks in a cheap shot as Jericho distracts the ref. Finally, Omega makes the tag.

Hangman Page takes the hot tag and enters the ring like a man possessed. The fresh Adam Page shows off some "Cowboy Sh*t" as he flies out to the floor to take out Guevara before returning to take it to Jericho in the squared circle. The fans chant "Cowboy Sh*t" again. They seem to really love that chant here in Charlotte.

As Omega throws Guevara to the floor, Jake Hager is there to catch him. Omega then flies out to take out both guys. Hangman Page climbs to the top and follows up with a big dive onto both guys as well.

Out of nowhere, PAC hits the scene and low-blows Hangman Page. The ref didn't see it. He walks right into the Judas Effect from Jericho. Le Champion covers him. 1-2-3. It's over.

Winners: Sammy Guevara & Chris Jericho

After The Match

We see PAC smiling as he heads up the ramp. Meanwhile, Hager, Guevara and Jericho deliver an Inner Circle three-on-one beat down to Hangman Page in the ring while Omega is still out on the floor.

Finally, Cody hits the ring like a madman after sprinting down the ramp. The fans chant "Cody! Cody!" as he takes out anyone in sight and cleans house of everyone in the ring.

Jericho talks trash as he retreats up the ramp, but Cody smiles and points and we see MJF standing behind Jericho. MJF throws Jericho back into the ring and Cody goes to work on him.

Cody takes out Jericho with his finisher and then grabs the AEW World's Heavyweight Championship and poses over him. The fans erupt.

Then the fans get even louder as we see Jon Moxley making his way to the ring through the crowd in the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte holding a barbed wire baseball bat. He enters the ring and points the bat like a late-1990s "Crow" Sting as Cody and MJF go to work on The Inner Circle on the floor.

In the ring, Moxley and Omega circle each other when out of nowhere, Santana and Ortiz hit the ring and take out both guys. Now The Young Bucks hit the ring and deliver double super kicks to take out Santana and Ortiz. They then hit dueling suicide dives through the ropes, crashing onto both Inner Circle members on the floor.

They brawl up the ramp as a million AEW referees and officials come out to try an restore order. Santana and Ortiz fight back and they hoist up one of the Bucks for a powerbomb through the staging area like they did to Ricky Morton last week. Now Omega and Moxley enter the scene brawling.

Nick Jackson climbs up the AEW Dynamite titan tron and hits a crazy dive taking out everyone below, including the camera man. The fans chant "Holy Sh*t" as bodies start to finally clear out and we see a stand off between the heels and faces. It looks like that's how the show is going to close until both groups collide again and start brawling all over the place.

Jim Ross plugs AEW Full Gear in Baltimore one more time as this week's AEW Dynamite show goes off the air.

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